Turbo Boost Switcher 2.0 released!


I’m glad to announce that Turbo Boost Switcher 2.0 version is finally available for download. For those of you who have previously purchased Turbo Boost Switcher Pro, just check your mailbox. You should have by now an email including the new version and a unique license key.

This are the main features for both free and pro version:

  • Turbo Boost Switcher Pro
    • Asks for root password only once! (on the same machine, same user, of course :).
    • Auto disable Turbo Boost when battery charger is not connected.
    • Enable / Disable Turbo Boost when one of the configured apps is running.
    • OSX Notifications integration.
    • Purchase protection through license key verification.
    • Other minor fixes and improvements like status refresh issues, dark theme icon, etc.
  • Turbo Boost Switcher (Free)
    • Minor fixes and improvements like status refresh issues, dark theme icon, etc.

For those of you who don’t wan’t to purchase the Pro version remember you can forget about entering root password by just running the app with “sudo”.

The pro version includes this time a license key verification process in order to protect your purchase, so don’t share it under any circumstance. Like in previous version, the use license is for one installation only.

By the way….check the brand new FAQs page with some useful info ;).

Hope you like this version and don’t forget to spread the word!


One more thing… :)

I’ve finished the development of 2.0 version, both free and pro! :).

But after receiving hundreds (literally) of mails asking about the root password thing over the last months, I decided to resume this task and give it another try.

Let’s remember the explanation and a simple workaround If you jut don’t want to wait for the 2.0 PRO version.

As most of you probabably know by now, TBS installs a kernel extension in order to disable Turbo Boost. Kernel extensions must be installed as root, so OSX asks for the user permission and admin password in order to be able to accomplish that.

The credentials are stored on System Privilieges cache, but this cache is only alive per login session, so when you come back from hibernation the login session is restored and the credential is timed out, and OSX asks again for your admin password.

In order for the app to NEVER ask for root password you just need to execute it as.., guess what, root user.  Just open a Terminal, go to the folder where you installed the app and run:

$sudo ./Turbo\ Boost\ Switcher.app/Contents/MacOS/Turbo\ Boost\ Switcher

This will run the app as root and the auth dialog will never apear. You can also generate a bash script to run this command automatically after a reboot.

Since running apps as root is not recommended, I’m going to refactor all the authentication/authorization process so the app just asks for the root password once, even if the credential cache entry expires.

And… I’m also generating a FAQ section with the most repetitive questions I receive by email :).

As always, thank you very much for supporting the app!


I’m Back (again) :)

It’s been too much time, I know, and sorry for those of you who are waiting for the new version… There is no excuse, but you know.., life, kids, work, sometimes it’s really hard to start working on something at 00:00am and not falling asleep over the keyboard.

But ey!, I’m back and working again. The main reason is that some of you have reported that the app is working fine also with the new version of OSX, so I’ve decided to finish the 2.0 version.

Here you have some screenshots of the current work, with two of the main new features:

Captura de pantalla 2016-05-09 a las 23.28.41

Notice the “Disabled when charger disconnected” option that will do that, automatically disable Turbo Boost if you disconnect your mag safe charger :). As Jobs’d say “It works like magic” and I think it’s very cool :D. This feature will be also available for the free version.

And here you have another screenshot, this time about the option to auto enable/disable Turbo Boost for one app (or a bunch of ones) depending on the order you configure the listing. I think this is cool too. Remember this will be only available for the PRO version.

Captura de pantalla 2016-05-09 a las 23.29.21

The version is almost ready…, just finishing some make-up.

As always, thanks for your patience and support!



And Apple said… NO :(

Hi everyone,

Yes, finally Apple answered and sadly said NO :(. I have been sending and receiving several mails to and from Apple these days, but finally I think I have to surrender :(.

This is the exact last answer:

Processor state and low level system functionality is the domain of the operating system and should not be under user control.

Users who wish to use your product can still do so by booting into OS X’s Recovery OS and issuing one command, as detailed in the System Integrity Protection Guide.

Yes! It speaks by itself. I really never thought that Apple would deny the signature. I told them the app has thousands of users (the free version does :), but that seemed to make no effect. So… what to do next? These are the options and the next steps:

1.- If you really don’t want to mess with the system integrity features and continue using TBS normally, just don’t upgrade to El Capitan.

2.- Next version will include a feature to check the system integrity status calling the command provided by Apple, and instructions in order to disable it.

Please, give me your feedback about your experience on disabling the system integrity features if you’re currently trying it.

And…if you have another ideas, I’m all ears! Just comment out in this blog… :D, but for now, that will be the path to follow. I’ve sent a last appeal to Apple, but I really don’t have hope about they’re just considering it.

OSX El Capitan – TBS

Hi all

Edit: Post outdated. The app works fine with this OS Version and above (Yosemite and macOS Sierra). Go to Home and keep reading ;). 

As you can see the promised new version of TBS has not been released yet. I’ve just installed OSX El Capitan, and there are some problems with the signing feature.

Even trying to bypass that doesn’t work. Why is that? Ok, Apple deactivated that feature on OSX El Capitan.

“As of OS X El Capitan, the kext-dev-mode boot-arg is now obsolete.” (read more here). Ok, you can do it (at your own risk, I strongly advise against doing it) but you need to reboot to Recovery OS and more. Read here.

I’ve just requested Apple a certificate in order to sign the kernel module. Problem? I don’t know how much time Apple takes to answer this requested.

I’ll keep you all updated here and in my twitter account since I’m not releasing the new version until I’m sure it will work with OSX El Capitan.


And again…., remember to become root and/or use and Admin account in order to use the app, since kernel extensions need to be installed with a root account (or an user that can become root), and of course, follow this instructions.


New version features and release date

Ok, so it looks like new version of OSX is coming by the end of this month, so a new version of Turbo Boost Switcher will be released several days after to ensure full compatibility. Ok.., I’m thinking about developing some app for the incoming new Apple TV, but I’ll make an effort to publish this new version.

These are the new features and fixes the new version will include. For those who already have the PRO version, you won’t need to purchase the new one, you will receive the update for free.

Ok, the minimum feature list (thinking about including one of two more) and status are:

PRO only:

  • Cores: Choose number of cores active configuration (Single Core, Two cores, etc). TBD
  • Auto enable / Disable: As many of you have requested, you will be able to configure if you want to auto enable or disable Turbo Boost depending on the app. IN Development
  • Notifications: Whenever turbo boost is auto enabled / disabled, the app will issue a notification if you activate this feature. IN Development

Both PRO and FREE versions:

  • Battery connector: Activate one option to auto-disable Turbo Boost when your Mac battery charged is unplugged. IN Development
  • Fix: Remove output to syslog. DONE
  • Fix: Display icon ok when dark profile is on. DONE
  • Fix: Icon status bar refresh problems. DONE
  • Fix: Problems sometimes when choosing temp sensor. DONE

Just to finish this post, I have received some messages requesting the app to “remember” the root password and things like that. Asking for root password is mandatory, since the app install & uninstalls a kernel module, and to do that you need to be root.

In order to achieve that, the app uses the OSX sdk and services, so depending on your user account and its configuration, you will need (or not) to enter the root password. In my computer (and other confirmed users I’ve talked with) I just need to enter the root password once and, after that, It never asks for it again until I completely shut-down and reboot my computer.

Thanks again and best!

Edit: There was a mistake when posting this entry. Notifications will be of course just for the PRO version, since they will be displayed when Turbo Boost is enabled / disabled depending on auto configuration values. Sorry for the inconvenience.

TBS – New version incoming

Ok, it’s summer again (almost), and I hope to have enough time to release a new version of Turbo Boost Switcher, both free and pro ones. The PRO one will also include extra features not available on the free version.

I’ve received lots of feature requests by email, posts on github or through this blog. Sorry if I can’t answer all of your messages (there’re a lot and I also have to work, eat, take care of my kids…), but I can promise that I read all of you messages.

So stay tuned and thank you again for using the app….and if you want to help and you really like it, you can always buy the pro version 😛


Turbo Boost Switcher Free – Link restored!


The binary of free version is available again. The issue with Amazon Web Services was closed.


Free version of TBS: Binary download link broken


I’am aware the download link for the free version of Turbo Boost Switcher is broken. Thank you for reporting it!

It’s an issue with S3 service.., I’ll restore it ASAP so check frequently the status on the web.

I’ve written to Amazon, will post the final resolution and restore the link in the next hours.


Turbo Boost Switcher – Home Page


Just playing around and released a “Home” page for Turbo Boost Switcher to make it “justice” :).

You can check it out at: http://tbswitcher.rugarciap.com/

Hope you like it!

Among that, just founded a video about Turbo Boost Switcher on Youtube from Luke Palmer, describing how to use the app.

Thanks Luke!!!