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Smart Babies is by far best app for infant to toddlers for iPad, unique on its kind. Already available on the App Store: iTunes Link

Is a set of apps and games designed from 3 month babies to 4-5 years old kids, with incremental difficulty. It will help your children to discover cause-effect, new sounds, animal sounds, improve reaction time and analitic thinking and, best of all, have a lot of fun doing it.

This idea came to me when I had my son just a few months ago. When I searched for an app for him, I couldn’t find any. All of the quality existing apps were intended for at least 2 year old kids.

That’s why I made this new app. It has been tested by several kids with different ages and the all loved it.

These are the 6 educational games included with this release, more yet to come if the app is supported by users:

Main menu screenshot

1.- Piano Color Bars (+2 months) Touch one of the bars and hear real piano sounds. They’ll love to play with their feet, although they can also play with hands. Enjoy watching them playing and laughing from the very first months!

2.- Animal Sounds (+2 months) Touch one of the animals and hear it sound!. Babies love to play it with their feet, but they can also do it with their hands.

Piano Bars & Animal Sounds

3.- Spiral (+5 months) Roll the spiral and watch how the background color changes dynamically.

4.- Underwater (+6 months) Move the figures all around in underwater simulated gravity and make a lot of bubbles!

Spiral Game and Underwater Scene

5.- Night Ball Fall (+1 year) Move the bar and don’t let the ball fall down while listening to night cool sounds that will help your children to get asleep.

Move the ball and don't let it fall

6.- Maze (+1 year) Find the way moving the ball to the exit on 5 different levels with incremental difficulty while listening to pleasant forest music and sound effects.

Find the exit!


Original Idea, design, Fx and sounds by

Brushes by:


AJK-Original-Stock¬† anonymous–16¬† MINTSEX

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