Tips to extend your mac battery life

I know for a fact that many of you (if not most) use Turbo Boost Switcher not only to cool the CPU and stop the fan noise, but to improve and extend your mac battery life up to a 25% more.

So here are some tips to improve your battery duration:

1.- Disable Turbo Boost: You guessed! First, just install Turbo Boost Switcher so Turbo Boost mode is disabled preventing your CPU to reach 100% without any noticeable performance slow down. This way you’ll get up to a 25% more battery depending on use.

2.- Brightness: Sound obvious, isn’t it? But yes, by reducing your screen brightness you’ll also save a little bit more of battery. If you’re not in a high contrast context, your eyes will get used to it fast. In example, if you’re watching a movie on your bed with all lights off, try setting brightness to the minimum ;).

3.- Wifi: Not using internet? then just click on the wifi icon on your status bar and just disable it, specially if you’re out of home to prevent searching for new networks.

4.- Volume: Listening to music and/or watching movies? Lower down the volume just a little. Your battery and your ears will thank you :).

5.- Close unused applications: When you’re not using an app it doesn’t get removed from memory unless you explicitly quit it. You’ll notice this situation by a little arrow under the app icon on the status bar. To quit the app, just right click on the icon and, after that, click on “Quit / Exit”.

6.- Energy Saver: Open Energy Saver on System Preferences and adjust settings there like put the disks to rest when possible, automatically shut down the screen and more.

7.- Bluetooth: Not using bluetooth? Disable it clicking on the corresponding icon within the status bar.

Thanks & enjoy!

P.D. Just finishing the new version development…, releasing it soon, so stay tuned!

TBS – New Version 2.4.0


Here comes a new update of Turbo Boost Switcher, this time about languages!

Thanks to your support, I was able to hire some professional services to translate the app to some languages (more to come in the future) both for PRO and FREE version. As always, for those of you who own the pro version, just check your email and / or enter your Gumroad account.

Currently supported Languages are [update: Changing new translations to beta after some feedback. Thanks!]

  • English
  • Spanish
  • German (beta)
  • French (beta)
  • Russian (beta)
  • Polish (beta)
  • Chinese Simplified (beta)

This version also includes a little fix for PRO version that affected a reduced set of users (file permissions on macOS Sierra), so the update is also recommended for everyone.

For those asking… YES, the app does support the new macbooks pro. Architecture has not changed, you just need to take same precautions as in any other machine where you use macOS Sierra (drag and drop the binary before running as explained here).

See you after holidays season with new features!

By the way…since I just don’t know nothing about the new added languages, feedback is very welcome! 🙂


TBS – New Version – 2.3.0

Hi all!

Just released a new version of Turbo Boost Switcher, 2.3.0. It contains some cool new features and a couple of minor fixes, so It’s recommended for everyone :).

The main feature is a redesigned GUI to clearly separate the manual mode from the auto one and a new trigger depending on your batter level.

As you can see in the following figure, the auto settings are all now under the same screen, designed to support more auto modes in the future ;).

new_battery_auto_mode_online new_apps_auto_mode new_main_menu


These are all the changes included:

  • New battery level auto mode (PRO):  You will be able to set Turbo Boost feature to be disabled when battery level goes below a configurable setting.
  • GUI update to unifiy auto modes (PRO): All auto modes are now under the same settings screen, so future auto modes (like CPU Temp, load, etc) will be also included here.
  • The option “Disable when charged disconnected” (PRO) has been moved to the new auto mode GUI settings.
  • New auto mode checkbox (PRO): Auto mode can be enabled / disabled from the main menu (this has  been requested by a bunch of users :).
  • Check for updates automatically on startup (PRO & FREE).
  • Minor fixes, translations, etc (PRO & FREE).

Those of you who own a previous version of the app, just check your email and download the app with the URL / View attachments option included in the email notification (or enter into Gumroad with your user and download from there at anytime).

As always, thanks for your support.


Turbo Boost Switcher update 2.2.0 available


Just released a new version of Turbo Boost Switcher. Besides a couple of new features, this version includes also beta compatibility with beta version of macOS Sierra and some fixes and improvements.

You should have received an email with the update. If not, please check your spam folder.

New features:

  • Celsius & Fahrenheit display (PRO only): Now you can choose between both to display the cpu temp.


  • Beta support for macOS Sierra: The app has been tested both on beta 3 and 4 and works fine, as reported on last emails. Read more here.
  • App packaged as .dmg instead zip: In order to make things even easier, now the app is distributed as a .dmg. (PRO only for now, incoming also for free).


Improvements & Fixes:

  • Some stability improvements and compatibility fixes.
  • Licensing process improved.
  • Other minor fixes.

Install procedure:

  • Just download (move to Applications if on macOS Sierra) and run!.

Hoping you enjoy this release.


How to run Turbo Boost Switcher on macOS Sierra and High Sierra

Great news! :)…, the app Turbo Boost Switcher works with the latest version of macOS Sierra (edit: macOS High Sierra too!).

Take a look at this for those users running for first time the app on macOS High Sierra:


There is just one little thing you must take into account in order to run the app on this new os version.

Due to a new feature on Sierra called App Translocation (more discussion on Hacker News too) you need to move the app to another folder after downloading it. If you just download and open from the same folder (in example, “Downloads”), the app won’t run.

Turbo Boost Switcher needs to change permissions of the kext included in the bundle so the kernel module can be installed (remember, kernel extensions must be owned by root user). App Translocation feature doesn’t allow to change a thing inside the bundle if the user doesn’t move the app to another folder.

This new feature will break a lot of installers, auto-updaters, etc. so be warned!! ;).

In summary, to run the app on macOS Sierra, just download it and move it to Applications, Desktop or your desired folder, do not run it from the same location you unzip the file.

I’m planning to distribute the next version using a .dmg providing more info for the users and the typical “Drag to Applications” assistant.


TBS: Starting macOS Sierra tests…


I’m planning to start testing Turbo Boost Switcher this weekend on macOS Sierra (its compatibility and working / nonworking features) so the app is ready when the OS finally launches this fall. I know for your comments for some of you it works, but other are reporting it doesn’t, so I’ll check by myself since fall is coming!.

Also.., besides a couple of new features and fixes, I’m thinking about releasing a pre-release beta version at reduced price (with a redeem code for the final version) for those brave of you who want to install on your macOS beta…, not sure yet. Just let me know what you think!

And if you have ideas and would like some new specific features…, happy to hear! In example, some guy proposed to display temps in ºC or ºF.., simple, huh? :), this will be available on next version for sure.

As always, thank you for your support!


Turbo Boost Switcher Update 2.1.0 available


Just released a new version of Turbo Boost Switcher with a couple requested new features and some bugfixes.

These are the changes included with this version:

  • Turbo Boost default mode (just PRO): Some of you have asked for the possibility of setting a default mode of Turbo Boost enabled state. Now you’ll be able to do it by enabling “auto” configuration and default status that will be applied when no one configuration matches. Just take a look to the following screenshot.



  • Retina Icon (all versions): As requested by many of you, a retina status bar icon has been included with this version.
  • Fixes (all versions):
    • Version compatibility: Due to a xcode missconfiguration, last release of PRO version was set to be compatible with 10.10 and above. This has been fixed to previous configuration, so the PRO version is again compatible with 10.6 OSX and above.
    • Other minor fixes & updates: Minor changes on translations, improvements, etc.

If you have previously purchased the PRO version, check your email (and spam folder) where you should have received by now an email containing the new update availability and a link to download it.

Just updated also the github project with the free version and the corresponding binary.

Important: When updating, just download and run the received update. You don’t need to uninstall the previous version ;). Thanks!

As always, thank you very much for your support and messages, I really appreciate them. Maintaining this app demands from me a lot of my leisure (and sleep time) :).

Best regards and enjoy!

Turbo Boost Switcher Promo Codes

Hi again!

First of all, thank you for your comments and messages about the new version of Turbo Boost Switcher Pro. That gives me strength to keep pushing forward on improving the app.

So.., I decided to launch a give away of 20 promo codes of 20% ($2 effective discount) for the pro version for those 20 first people who tweet something recommending the app to your friends :)… starting NOW! 🙂

Don’t forget to send me a message (through twitter or my email account) with a link to your tweet so I get notified (If you don’t I won’t be able to send back the promo code).

Once reached the limit I’ll send the winners direct messages through twitter containing the promo code. The winners will be also published here for transparency ;). Remember to enable direct messages on twitter so I can send you the promo code (or just follow me, as you prefer).

Edit: No more codes left!!! Sorry! 

Good luck and thanks!


Turbo Boost Switcher 2.0 released!


I’m glad to announce that Turbo Boost Switcher 2.0 version is finally available for download. For those of you who have previously purchased Turbo Boost Switcher Pro, just check your mailbox. You should have by now an email including the new version and a unique license key.

This are the main features for both free and pro version:

  • Turbo Boost Switcher Pro
    • Asks for root password only once! (on the same machine, same user, of course :).
    • Auto disable Turbo Boost when battery charger is not connected.
    • Enable / Disable Turbo Boost when one of the configured apps is running.
    • OSX Notifications integration.
    • Purchase protection through license key verification.
    • Other minor fixes and improvements like status refresh issues, dark theme icon, etc.
  • Turbo Boost Switcher (Free)
    • Minor fixes and improvements like status refresh issues, dark theme icon, etc.

For those of you who don’t wan’t to purchase the Pro version remember you can forget about entering root password by just running the app with “sudo”.

The pro version includes this time a license key verification process in order to protect your purchase, so don’t share it under any circumstance. Like in previous version, the use license is for one installation only.

By the way….check the brand new FAQs page with some useful info ;).

Hope you like this version and don’t forget to spread the word!


One more thing… :)

I’ve finished the development of 2.0 version, both free and pro! :).

But after receiving hundreds (literally) of mails asking about the root password thing over the last months, I decided to resume this task and give it another try.

Let’s remember the explanation and a simple workaround If you jut don’t want to wait for the 2.0 PRO version.

As most of you probabably know by now, TBS installs a kernel extension in order to disable Turbo Boost. Kernel extensions must be installed as root, so OSX asks for the user permission and admin password in order to be able to accomplish that.

The credentials are stored on System Privilieges cache, but this cache is only alive per login session, so when you come back from hibernation the login session is restored and the credential is timed out, and OSX asks again for your admin password.

In order for the app to NEVER ask for root password you just need to execute it as.., guess what, root user.  Just open a Terminal, go to the folder where you installed the app and run:

$sudo ./Turbo\ Boost\\ Boost\ Switcher

This will run the app as root and the auth dialog will never apear. You can also generate a bash script to run this command automatically after a reboot.

Since running apps as root is not recommended, I’m going to refactor all the authentication/authorization process so the app just asks for the root password once, even if the credential cache entry expires.

And… I’m also generating a FAQ section with the most repetitive questions I receive by email :).

As always, thank you very much for supporting the app!