TBS – New Version – 2.10.0

Hi there!

It’s been a lot! but ey, Turbo Boost Switcher is available on its 2.10.0 version containing some new interesting features I think you’ll enjoy.

A couple of them in fact were requested by many of you:

  • New temperature auto mode (for PRO version only)
  • Global hotkeys so you can enable / disable Turbo Boost at will without removing your hands from keyboard 🙂
  • Translation improvements.
  • Stability and energy efficiency improvements, a must with Big Sur.
  • Some other minor issues fixed.
Screenshot of new cpu temp auto mode

This update is recommended for everyone.

Thanks for spreading the word! Enjoy!

TBS on Monterey beta working!

Hi there!

That’s it… I’ve been testing the app inside Monterey and continues to work just fine!! Hurray! As you can see on the image below, the app keeps disabling turbo boost with Monterey developer beta. All other features works fine the same that they do on current stable Big Sur version.

EDIT: Working fine on release candidate!, checked on October 19th

And there is MORE. I’ve been playing with the new low power mode provided by Apple in Monterey, and it does NOT disables Turbo Boost. Instead, it keeps the frecuency above the base clock value (in mine, 300Mhz above) so the power & battery saving and temperature reduction is still better if you use Turbo Boost Switcher than Low Power Mode from Apple.

Best of all, you can use both! I tried Since that feature is a little obscure, and they might be performing other optimisations.., it’s great that you can have both options to keep disabling turbo boost and get other improvements by Apple itself on their new low power mode option.

This was just a little fast test… and of course more time is needed, but the first results on my test Macbook Pro (characteristics on previous figure) seems to point that.

  • Turbo Boost Switcher saves you 4Watts compared to new Low Power Mode.
  • Turbo Boost Switcher will lower down the frequency 300Mhz below Low Power Mode does.
  • Turbo Boost Swithcer gets you lower temperature, 5ºC less than Low Power Mode.

Of course, this numbers may change depending on the Mac model you’re working with, but the relative difference between those configurations will probably be proportional. Apple did some job here finally, but it seems that at least for now Turbo Boost Switcher will get you better battery performance, temperature and noise reduction that the new low power mode. Let’s see in the future!

I will keep this updated as Apple provides new betas to try out. Enjoy!

TBS – New update – 2.7.1


Here comes a new update of Turbo Boost Switcher, both free and pro versions. This is just a minor update containing some little fixes with no additional features:

  • Fixed an issue about fan speeds that affects only to new Macbooks Pro 2018.  New macbooks (2018 pro ones) return fan speed using different data type, so this is just a little update to display the fan readings.  In any case, remember that under 1000 rpm aprox. the readings return “0” value, so N/A will continue to be displayed whenever the fans are not running.
  • Remember refresh rate setting (this is just for free version, pro was working fine).
  • Charting compatibility with OSX 10.8 fixed, since some users reported the new Charts feature introduced on 2.7.0 were not showing properly on Mac OSX 10.8.
  • Updated app signature to my Developer ID certificate, so no more warnings about “unidentified” developer are shown when installing.
  • Other minor fixes (translations, status update timing adjustment, etc).

To update, just download the corresponding file and install as usual. More info on how to update.


Turbo Boost Switcher on Mojave and Macbook 2018

Hi there!

In summary, yes, the app works fine, both free and pro, with latest Mojave Beta and also the new Macbooks Pro 2018. Just writing this small post to let you all know :).

Mojave first betas suffered from one bug that was preventing the kernel extension from being loaded. That affected to many apps like Littlesnitch, but after reporting to Apple, they solved it on public beta 3 of Mojave (developer beta 4) :), so yes, the app is again working just fine with latest Mojave Beta!

Here you’ve got a screenshot of the app running on my MB air with Mojave public beta 3 and dark mode enabled.

About the app running on new Macbooks (2018), it just works fine allowing to enable / disable turbo boost without issues. It makes sense, since as you know (you should! :P) the feature is controlled by a Processor MSRs and Intel doesn’t change that from model to model… (the feature depends on Intel, not Apple….). There has been also many users confirmations of the app running on new Macbook, so, again, yes, the app works fine with the new MBPs 2018 so far.

Edit: Confirmed myself with my new MBP 2018 and little fixed released on 2.7.1 version.

As always, thanks for all your comments and support!

TBS – New Version 2.7.0 released!


I’m back again to publish a new release of Turbo Boost Switcher… 2.7.0.

2.7.0 PRO version screenshot

  • FREE & PRO: Long requested ability from many of you of changing the sensors refresh/update time. Default value is 4 seconds and you’ll be able to change it from 1 to 60.
  • FREE & PRO: Charting! You can open an independent window so you can view how disabling Turbo Boost affect both Temperature and Fan Speed. Charts will display up to 60 ticks with the same refresh / update time set for sensors.
  • Only PRO: Ability to reorder app configuration with drag & drop so you can easily change priorities between apps.
  • Only PRO: Alerts! Notifications have been moved to customizable “Alerts” based on Temperature, Fan speed, etc… and one more thing. If Turbo Boost feature is enabled, you will be able to disable it directly from the alert popup.
  • FREE & PRO: Some minor bugfixes and translations.

If you already own a version of Turbo Boost app (both free and pro) just visit the how to update page for further instructions.

As always, thanks for your comments and support!

TBS: New Version in progress

Hi there!

It’s been some time since my last post… oops :P. Christmas, Holidays, kids..,

Just writing to let you all know that I’ve just started the development for the next version of Turbo Boost Switcher, both PRO and FREE version.

I’ve got some ideas, like adding a Today Widget to the Notifications Bar (to display some charts to show the impact of the app, etc), customize the status bar refresh time as some of you’ve requested.., and other improvements.

If you’ve got any requests / ideas you’d like to discuss/see in the next (or future) versions, feel free to comment below ;).

As always, thanks for your support and feedback.


TBS – New Version released!

Hi again!

Glad to announce that here comes a new update of Turbo Boost Switcher, both free and pro versions.

This release includes several features requested by many of you:

1.- [FREE & PRO]: Choose to display or not the text “Off/On” on the status bar! :).

2.- [FREE & PRO]: Automatically restart the app when changing language to directly apply the new setting.

3.- [PRO]: New and fully configurable status bar so you can chose to directly display on it the CPU Load, CPU Temperature, Fan rpm and Turbo Boost status. No more clicking on the bar to take a look at your Mac status! 😉


4.- [FREE & PRO]: As many of you also have requested, new icon for off state, so you can check Turbo Boost status even when there is anything else on the status bar (just take a look at the screenshot above).

5.- [PRO]: Improved auto battery configuration, so you can set both battery level and charger connected settings at the same time.

6.- [FREE & PRO]: Minor changes like removing the enable / disable icon to prevent confusions, menu items sorting, minor bugs fixed and improvements, etc.

7.- [FREE  & PRO]: Compatibility also tested against the just released macOS High Sierra! More details here.

If you have any doubts about how to update, just click here and/or take a look at the faqs.

So hope you like it and as always thanks for your support and feedback.

Enjoy 🙂

Edit (04/10/2017): Just released a little fix only needed on the FREE version, since it was refreshing the data on screen too fast.., went back to every 4 seconds. Go here to download the upgrade if you want 😉

An update after macOS High Sierra release

Hi there!

macOS High Sierra Big Sur 11.4 has just been released and I can confirm the app works fine with it, so that’s great! If you have issues after upgrading to it, make sure you try to disable turbo boost manually and, after approving the kext as detailed below, reboot.

Just when running for the first time on a machine and with macOS High Sierra, users will need to aprove the kernel extension manually by clicking “allow” on System & Security settings under control panel after trying to disable turbo boost also for first time only (thanks, Apple).

The first time this happens (and just the first time!) Apple will display also an user Alert like the following one to remind the user he/she needs to allow the kext to be installed like described above.

If you upgraded your macOS from a previous version with the app already installed, this won’t be neccesary.

If you don’t do that, turbo boost won’t be disabled since Apple won’t allow the kernel extension to be used.

In summary, and only for first runs on a machine with also macOS High Sierra:

  1. Set manual mode and click on Disable Turbo Boost option.
  2. After some seconds, and if turbo boost is not disabled, go to security settings and you’ll see a screen like the above one.
  3. Click on allow.
  4. Click again on disable turbo boost…, done! You’ll never have to do this again…, according Apple documentation ;).
  5. If not..remember to reboot!

Sorry for the inconvenience, but this has nothing to do with the app (in fact, affects all apps that include a kernel extension). This is due to a new “feature?” introduced by Apple on High Sierra that forces users to manually aprove any app that uses kernel extension, no matter if it’s signed or not or which company it comes from.

Here you’ve got more explaining the process: https://developer.apple.com/library/content/technotes/tn2459/_index.html

Best regards!

A little update after WWDC 2017


As you surely know by now, new Macbooks and a future release of macOS were announce yesterday at WWDC 2017 Keynote. Both news are related to Turbo Boost Switcher, so just wanted to give you a couple of updates about that.

Regarding the new macs, great news!. They include a new processor with Kaby Lake architecture… Just reviewed the Intel Software Developer Manuals and there is no change on MSR register to enable / disable Turbo Boost :).

About the future macOS version to be released this fall, I’ll be testing the betas agains the next version of TBS I’m working on and giving some feedback on this post.

Edit (Sep 25, 2017): Just tested against macOS 10.13 (High Sierra)

In any case there was nothing announced yesterday that points to a possible incompatibility, but to be sure and since macOS betas are usually a little unstable (at least first versions are) the only thing I can recommend to you is … wait :), or, if you can’t and you’re an early adopter like me, just use some protection like an external hard drive for testing or so ;).


TBS New Version – 2.5.0


Here comes a new update of Turbo Boost Switcher.

I was a little busy the last couple of months so I wasn’t able to finish all the features I wanted to add, but I felt it was time to release it since this update contains a couple of, I think, must have features.

So there you go:

  • Redesigned app icons
  • Some GUI improvements & more to come!
  • Display CPU load at anytime.
  • Change between languages directly from the app’s menu.
  • New language: Swedish.
  • Improved current translations.
  • [PRO only]: Display serial key on about dialog.
  • Some little bugfixes and stability improvements.

And this is how it looks now! Hope you like it, there will be more GUI changes in the next version.

I was working also on some new auto modes for the pro version, like one based on CPU Load & CPU Temperature, but didn’t felt confortable with the result, so that and more will have to wait until the next version.

To install this update, just grab the latest version and drag & drop the app over the current installed version. To download it:

  • If you own the PRO version, just click on the corresponding button on the update’s email you should have right now and/or log into your Gumroad account to get it.
  • From FREE version, just click on the free version link to get the latest one.

As always thank you very much for your support!