TBS – New Version – 2.10.2

Hello there!

It’s been a lot…, but I hope the wait was worth it :)…, a bunch of new features and improvements this time! and since Big Sur is just around the corner, there we go!

This version is recommended for everyone, but specially for those using Big Sur, since it contains improvements that affect the new version of macOS specifically. By the way, if having issues after upgrading to Big Sur, no worries, it works fine, just make sure to follow the steps on the troubleshooting guide included inside the Help document and/or the https://rugarciap.com/faqs

These are the main features included with this new release:

1.- New Temperature auto mode (only on PRO): After a long wait and a lot of requests, it’s finally here.., an auto mode that allows you configuring Turbo Boost to be disabled depending on CPU temperature.

New CPU Temperature auto mode in action

2.- Global hotkeys! (FREE and PRO): Now you can enable / disable Turbo Boost at anytime without having to remove your hands from keyboard.., no matter the app currently in use since the hotkeys are now global! This is also another feature requested by many of you.

3.- Fahrenheit in Charts (FREE and PRO): Now charts also allow to display data using Fahrenheit scale when configured that way…, and yes, this is now also a free feature.

4.- Fixed and issue that prevented charts to refresh after a long period of time sleeping on certain mac models.

5.- Improved performance when checking auto modes configuration. All users of macOS Big Sur should update to this version, since Apple changed the way kexts are loaded and improvements were made.

6.- Other minor fixes, improvements and translation fixes.

7.- New install procedure (FREE and PRO): Due to some Apple changes, now the install procedure has changed just a bit and you must drag a folder with the app and resources instead only one .app file. This will also allow some interesting new features in the future 😉

8.- .dmg installer also for free version! Like the PRO one, so it’s easier to install the app.

And that’s all! Hope you enjoy it and, of course, just one more thing…..an obvious reminder, I know, but…Turbo Boost is an Intel® feature only so this app will never work on a ARM Mac :/


An update after WWDC 2020

Hi there!!

Edit (11/11/2020): Keeps working fine with Big Sur Release Candidate 2!

Go for 2.10.0 version now!

Be warned: Big Sur is beta and can contain bugs preventing the app to work.., so proceed of course at your own risk! That being said…

Ready for some good news!? Yeah! I’ve just tested Turbo Boost Switcher, both free and PRO with macOS Big Sur first developer beta and it works as expected.., this is the first time since Sierra the app works with the first beta release, so that’s really great!

The only thing that seems to be changed regarding install procedure (in fact, it did for all apps using kernel extensions) is that after installing a reboot is mandatory.

App working fine with RC2 (hopefully final version) of Big Sur

I spent some time testing and all features seem to work just fine (notifications, auto modes, disabling and enabling, monitoring, etc), but of course this is just the first beta release of macOS Big Sur so stay tuned!

Another interesting thing is that on this version Apple finally added a way to easily rebuild kext collections and ask for user approval again… so, if you missed it and/or the kext seems to not be loading, follow the steps provided by Apple and:

  1. Boot to macOS Recovery.
  2. Run Terminal.
  3. Enter the command kmutil trigger-panic-medic --volume-root /Volumes/<YourVolumeName>.
  4. Restart your Mac.

Next time you’ll try to load a kext.., that is, Disable Turbo Boost, the system will ask for user approval again at Security & Privacy screen and you’ll need to reboot again.

As always, will keep the blog updated if needed and after testing the app against betas as they come out.

Of course, Big Sur is in beta yet, and the same Apple recommends, I suggest not to try this on your daily Mac since it contain bugs.., still a lot in fact regarding kext processing… and the app can even not work depending on your configuration, different bugs that can be present, etc…, but in any case, this seems promising!

Thanks and enjoy!

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TBS – New Version – 2.9.0

Hello there!

A new update of Turbo Boost Switcher is available, 2.9.0, for both free and pro versions! As told on a previous post, the version is ready since several weeks ago, but wanted to hold it back just to verify full compatibility with macOS Catalina. Apple released several beta versions where the app worked flawlessly, so I think time has come :).

  • Notarization: Both free and pro binaries have been reviewed by Apple and notarized using my Developer ID.
  • Disable monitoring: A longly requested feature so you can enable / disable monitoring at will. In order to do so, just click on the new checkbox next to refresh rate. Of course, all the options related to this feature, like status bar info, will be also enabled / disabled accordingly. This is available for both free and pro versions.

  • [PRO only] New Fan Speed Ato mode!: Finally! here comes another feature longly requested by many of you! . It allows to set a threshold to disable Turbo Boost when fan speed goes over the configured rpm, and gets back enabled when lowered to another configurable value.

  • Several translations fixes.
  • Some dark mode fixes and other minor improvements.

Of course, as with previous versions, it’s compatible also with macOS Catalina.

Update 2.9.1: (November 30) – Fix for this: There is a bug on macOS Catalina 10.15.1 when using an external monitor and vertical alignment between main one and external one. It doesn’t happen when side by side alignment. It has already been reported to Apple and it causes some status bar apps to only display dropdown menus when clicking on external monitor. The 2.9.1 contains a workaround for this. No need to update if using Mojave or any other previous version of macOS.

In order to update, just click on “Check for updates…” option from within the app.

Hope you like it!

Best 🙂

Turbo Boost Switcher on macOS Catalina

Hello there!

Just wanted to let you know that Turbo Boost Switcher (free and pro) is working fine with macOS Catalina beta! 🙂

Update 1 October 2019: All keeps fine with public beta 9 (dev beta 10) 🙂

Apple fixed some issues present on previous releases and starting at public beta 5 (developer beta 6) all is working like charm again. In fact, it seems there are a lot of issues fixed in this release… , at least for me :). Crossing fingers nothing breaks again on future beta releases…, will keep this post and FAQs updated if needed.

One last thing…I’ve been holding 2.9.0 release of Turbo Boost Switcher a couple of months to test against Catalina and make changes if needed…, but if everything works well on upcoming Catalina beta releases will publish it sooner than later :).

Stay tuned!



How to notarize your application step by step

So.., you want to notarize your Mac application and you don’t even know where to start?

This is a simple step by step guide to help you to accomplish that in matter of minutes from console. I’m publishing this after notarizing next version of Turbo Boost Switcher I’m working on since it took me some time and did some mistakes, so decided to share my experience with you all. Hope it helps!! :).

In summary:

And that’s it!.., there’re alternative flows to this one (like using .dmg files instead) but found this one to be the simplest.., at least for me. Now let’s proceed with the details:

  1. Upgrade your Xcode to at least 10.0+ version . The command line tools and graphical ones are only available from this version.
  2. After that, visit Apple ID management web page and generate a specific password in order to use notarization. Follow this guide https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204397
  3. Now zip your .app folder. After that, let’s send it to Apple using the credentials generated above.

    xcrun altool --notarize-app --primary-bundle-id "$bundle_id" --username "$your_apple_id" --password "$password" --file $your_file.zip

    Just replace the variables $bundle_id, $your_apple_id and $password with the application bundle id (or another one), your apple id username and finally the generated password on the step three. Give it some time in order to upload the file to apple servers.

  4. Once uploaded, you’ll see a request identifier you can use in order to check the notarization status and result. In order to do that, just enter the following command to query for that info, get current status and view errors if any.

    xcrun altool -u "$your_apple_id" -p “$password” --notarization-info $request_id

  5. Finally, it all went fine you’ll receive an email after some minutes containing “You can now distribute your Mac software” as subject. You just need to staple the .app so Gatekeeper can confirm your app is notarized when offline.

    spctl -a -v $the_file.app

And done, you’re good to go!!!. If you need more info, you can check the Apple documentation, use the Xcode directly, etc. Just take a look at the following links:

TBS – New Version – 2.8.0

Hi there!

There is a new version of Turbo Boost Switcher available! It includes some new features both for free & pro versions, full compatibility with Mojave’s dark mode and more. Hope you like it!

  • FREE & PRO: New translations (Italian and Czech) for both free and pro versions!. Ordered at Gengo using advanced/profesional profile… hope this time the quality is better than older translations.
  • FREE & PRO: Full dark mode support across all the application. Now all windows have been adapted to support both modes, including the charts window so it changes its background color according to the mode being used. Here you’ve got an example.

  • FREE & PRO: New battery indicator, available for both free and pro versions and on machines that uses…, battery of course 🙂 . It displays the battery percentage graphically…. At first, I also added the time left estimation (using IOKit for those who are curious) that Apple decided to remove from MacOS Mojave.., but after some testing realised why they decided to remove it!. Reason? Well… it’s just almost impossible to keep the battery time left estimation up and on sync depending on the kind of activities you perform. You can google around a lot about this and will find some interesting info about this fact like on this post.

  • PRO Only:  I also added a new auto mode based on remaining time estimate. At first, you could configure between 5 min and 4 hours left…, but again, since the estimate is very inaccurate sometimes (I got more than 20 hours left in one of my tests! :D), decided to lower down the upper side of the threshold to 60 minutes as you can see on the following screenshot

  • FREE & PRO: Some translations fixes (thanks for all your feedback!), lowered down minimum refresh time to 4s, some other minor fixes and improvements, etc.

As always, in order to update, just download the new version and install as usual by dragging the .app to Applications folder.

Take a look at the How to update page if you’ve got any doubt.

Thanks for your feedback & support.


TBS – New update – 2.7.1


Here comes a new update of Turbo Boost Switcher, both free and pro versions. This is just a minor update containing some little fixes with no additional features:

  • Fixed an issue about fan speeds that affects only to new Macbooks Pro 2018.  New macbooks (2018 pro ones) return fan speed using different data type, so this is just a little update to display the fan readings.  In any case, remember that under 1000 rpm aprox. the readings return “0” value, so N/A will continue to be displayed whenever the fans are not running.
  • Remember refresh rate setting (this is just for free version, pro was working fine).
  • Charting compatibility with OSX 10.8 fixed, since some users reported the new Charts feature introduced on 2.7.0 were not showing properly on Mac OSX 10.8.
  • Updated app signature to my Developer ID certificate, so no more warnings about “unidentified” developer are shown when installing.
  • Other minor fixes (translations, status update timing adjustment, etc).

To update, just download the corresponding file and install as usual. More info on how to update.


Turbo Boost Switcher on Mojave and Macbook 2018

Hi there!

In summary, yes, the app works fine, both free and pro, with latest Mojave Beta and also the new Macbooks Pro 2018. Just writing this small post to let you all know :).

Mojave first betas suffered from one bug that was preventing the kernel extension from being loaded. That affected to many apps like Littlesnitch, but after reporting to Apple, they solved it on public beta 3 of Mojave (developer beta 4) :), so yes, the app is again working just fine with latest Mojave Beta!

Here you’ve got a screenshot of the app running on my MB air with Mojave public beta 3 and dark mode enabled.

About the app running on new Macbooks (2018), it just works fine allowing to enable / disable turbo boost without issues. It makes sense, since as you know (you should! :P) the feature is controlled by a Processor MSRs and Intel doesn’t change that from model to model… (the feature depends on Intel, not Apple….). There has been also many users confirmations of the app running on new Macbook, so, again, yes, the app works fine with the new MBPs 2018 so far.

Edit: Confirmed myself with my new MBP 2018 and little fixed released on 2.7.1 version.

As always, thanks for all your comments and support!

TBS – New Version 2.7.0 released!


I’m back again to publish a new release of Turbo Boost Switcher… 2.7.0.

2.7.0 PRO version screenshot

  • FREE & PRO: Long requested ability from many of you of changing the sensors refresh/update time. Default value is 4 seconds and you’ll be able to change it from 1 to 60.
  • FREE & PRO: Charting! You can open an independent window so you can view how disabling Turbo Boost affect both Temperature and Fan Speed. Charts will display up to 60 ticks with the same refresh / update time set for sensors.
  • Only PRO: Ability to reorder app configuration with drag & drop so you can easily change priorities between apps.
  • Only PRO: Alerts! Notifications have been moved to customizable “Alerts” based on Temperature, Fan speed, etc… and one more thing. If Turbo Boost feature is enabled, you will be able to disable it directly from the alert popup.
  • FREE & PRO: Some minor bugfixes and translations.

If you already own a version of Turbo Boost app (both free and pro) just visit the how to update page for further instructions.

As always, thanks for your comments and support!

TBS: New Version in progress

Hi there!

It’s been some time since my last post… oops :P. Christmas, Holidays, kids..,

Just writing to let you all know that I’ve just started the development for the next version of Turbo Boost Switcher, both PRO and FREE version.

I’ve got some ideas, like adding a Today Widget to the Notifications Bar (to display some charts to show the impact of the app, etc), customize the status bar refresh time as some of you’ve requested.., and other improvements.

If you’ve got any requests / ideas you’d like to discuss/see in the next (or future) versions, feel free to comment below ;).

As always, thanks for your support and feedback.