How to run Turbo Boost Switcher on macOS Sierra and High Sierra

Great news! :)…, the app Turbo Boost Switcher works with the latest version of macOS Sierra (edit: macOS High Sierra too!).

Take a look at this for those users running for first time the app on macOS High Sierra:


There is just one little thing you must take into account in order to run the app on this new os version.

Due to a new feature on Sierra called App Translocation (more discussion on Hacker News too) you need to move the app to another folder after downloading it. If you just download and open from the same folder (in example, “Downloads”), the app won’t run.

Turbo Boost Switcher needs to change permissions of the kext included in the bundle so the kernel module can be installed (remember, kernel extensions must be owned by root user). App Translocation feature doesn’t allow to change a thing inside the bundle if the user doesn’t move the app to another folder.

This new feature will break a lot of installers, auto-updaters, etc. so be warned!! ;).

In summary, to run the app on macOS Sierra, just download it and move it to Applications, Desktop or your desired folder, do not run it from the same location you unzip the file.

I’m planning to distribute the next version using a .dmg providing more info for the users and the typical “Drag to Applications” assistant.


2 comments on “How to run Turbo Boost Switcher on macOS Sierra and High Sierra
  1. Max says:

    Ok Now it works without doing anything special. Thanks
    So when i disable Turbo Boost, is it the app that i disable or is it the Turbo Boost mode of my computer 😀

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