One more thing… :)

I’ve finished the development of 2.0 version, both free and pro! :).

But after receiving hundreds (literally) of mails asking about the root password thing over the last months, I decided to resume this task and give it another try.

Let’s remember the explanation and a simple workaround If you jut don’t want to wait for the 2.0 PRO version.

As most of you probabably know by now, TBS installs a kernel extension in order to disable Turbo Boost. Kernel extensions must be installed as root, so OSX asks for the user permission and admin password in order to be able to accomplish that.

The credentials are stored on System Privilieges cache, but this cache is only alive per login session, so when you come back from hibernation the login session is restored and the credential is timed out, and OSX asks again for your admin password.

In order for the app to NEVER ask for root password you just need to execute it as.., guess what, root user.  Just open a Terminal, go to the folder where you installed the app and run:

$sudo ./Turbo\ Boost\\ Boost\ Switcher

This will run the app as root and the auth dialog will never apear. You can also generate a bash script to run this command automatically after a reboot.

Since running apps as root is not recommended, I’m going to refactor all the authentication/authorization process so the app just asks for the root password once, even if the credential cache entry expires.

And… I’m also generating a FAQ section with the most repetitive questions I receive by email :).

As always, thank you very much for supporting the app!


5 comments on “One more thing… :)
  1. boehli says:

    Thanks a lot for this 2.0 version !!!!! :-)))

  2. Adam says:

    Any news on v2? I would be happy to pay for the pro version if the icon refresh and password issues are fixed. Thanks!

  3. ian027 says:

    HI, rugarciap:

    Where can I get 2.0 pro?

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