This section includes some frequent questions and answers received from users:

  • Does it work with macOS Big Sur?

Yes, it does! and since the first beta release :). In fact, 2.10.1 just released contains specific improvements for it. More details here.

That being said, when updating, bad things might happen due to how Apple changed kext loading process (again!), so if after upgrading to BigSur you’re not able to disable TurboBoost anymore, please follow the troubleshooting guide included with the latest release that will solve almost any possible (if not all) issue with that.

In any case, you can always reach me at the contact address included below or the one provided with the Gumroad’s pro receipt. 

  • After updating to Big Sur, Turbo Boost doesn’t disable?

Finally Apple decided to include a way in Big Sur to remove all kext user approval and force ask for permission to appear again.., that fixes a LOT of stuff including other apps (vmware, parallels, etc).

Just reboot to Recovery (Cmd+R while booting) and run the following command from a terminal there, replacing “YourVolumeName” with the name of the volume where Big Sur is. 

kmutil trigger-panic-medic --volume-root /Volumes/<YourVolumeName>.

Make sure you escape with a ‘\’ any possible whitespace on your volume name. In example, if your volume is called Macintosh HD, you should enter:

kmutil trigger-panic-medic --volume-root /Volumes/Macintosh\ HD

After that just reboot and you will be prompted again for kext approval when trying to disable Turbo Boost! 🙂

  • kext “not loadable” message?

That means the kext is not being staged and your system and probably other kexts are not working either. If that’s the case, execute the command above in order to force Big Sur to rebuild kext library.

  • Will the app work with an M1 (and future Ms…) Mac?

Intel® Turbo Boost feature is, of course, an Intel® only feature…, so the answer is obvious… no, it won’t :).

  • Memory allocation failure when staging

When SIP is enabled, macOS stages all kexts to validate them. Sometimes, this can fail and log will show a lot of errors when staging, not only with Turbo Boost kext, but with all other kexts you’ve got installed in your system. It will show something like this:

Defaulting to kernel file ‘/System/Library/Kernels/kernel’
Error making temporary directory: 1
Memory allocation failure.
Unable to stage kext

If this is shown at your log, has nothing to do with the app itself but with kernel management configuration on your system. Fortunately, it seems to be a workaround (you can try also disabling sip, clearing kext cache, etc) and it’s the following as described here:

chflags restricted /Volumes/{YourVolume}/private/var/db/KernelExtensionManagement

  • Does the app work with macOS Catalina?

yes!, it does too, the app is working fine with macOS Catalina, including the last 10.15.6 beta.

Same as Mojave, a reboot is needed after authorising the kext to be loaded the first time you disable turbo boost.

  • It’s compatible with my Machine? 

The app works with macOS 10.6+ and all Macs (Macbooks, iMacs and so on) equipped with an Intel processor featuring Turbo Boost.., that is.., almost all (if not all) machines offered by Apple as of today and since years ago. If you’re unsure if your Mac has Turbo Boost, just search your model here and take a look at its specs: https://everymac.com/systems/by_capability/mac-specs-by-machine-model-machine-id.html

  • Turbo Boost won’t disable on macOS Sierra or newer (High Sierra / Mojave). 

Read “How to install” section here and follow the steps detailed there.

The first time the app runs on a machine and if it has macOS High Sierra installed, Apple forces (repeat, just from macOS High Sierra) to manually allow the kernel extension to be used. It’s pretty straightforward: Read more details here.

    1. Set manual mode and click on Disable Turbo Boost option.
    2. After some seconds, and if turbo boost is not disabled, go to security settings on control panel
    3. Click on allow.
    4. Click again on disable turbo boost…, done! You’ll never have to do this again…, according Apple documentation ;).
    5. Still not working? Well, High Sierra came after Sierra.., so you do need also to read the next entry below (“Translocation feature” introduced on Sierra)… 😐
  • Why fan speed is displayed as N/A?

When fans are under 1000 rpm the SMC Api returns “0” as fan speed. In that case, N/A is displayed inside the app. If you own a new Macbook 2018 Pro, remember to update to 2.7.1 (or above) to fix a little issue with fan readings that affect only to those kind of machines.

  • Does the app work on macOS Sierra and/or High Sierra?

Yes, the app works fine on macOS Sierra and recently released High Sierra, but since macOS Sierra you need/must/have to to move the app to another folder after uncompressing it and/or from the downloaded .dmg image file. Read more here.

  • How to update to a new version?

Just read this! 🙂 http://www.rugarciap.com/tbs-update-page

  • I’ve purchased Turbo Boost Switcher Pro. What this window “Enter license key” is for?

Check your email and your spam folder for the address you used to purchase the app. You should have one containing information about your purchase with the corresponding serial key. Just copy and paste and enjoy!.

  • I get “Network connection problems” when activating my key.., but my internet seems fine. ?¿:

This usually happens if you are trying to activate behind a proxy (companies usually have one), a firewall blocking some kind of connections and/or another app doing so. It can happen also if you enter your license wrong with characters that cause errors on license validation. You can try entering your key manually and using another internet connection if available (like a phone one), from a different user account, stoping firewalls, etc. If that doesn’t work, you can always reach me at rugarciap at gmail.com.

  • I wan’t to install Turbo Boost Switcher Pro on several Macs. How can I make a volume purchase?

Purchases and licensed issued when purchasing through the link published are for one Mac and personal use. If you want to make a volume purchase, you can contact me for a discount on the second and other licenses (in the future, this will be automated directly on Gumroad).

  • What does “License key in use” means?

As told above and on license terms, pro license keys are issued for personal use and one Mac at a time. This is usually shown when you try to use your key on a different machine than the one you used to register your key. You can get additional licenses with a discount (as detailed above) and/or transfer your key to another Mac at anytime. Just reach me at the email shown in the popup and/or rugarciap at gmail.com.

  • Can you send me an Invoice?

No, sorry, I don’t sell the app, It’s Gumroad who does it. But…, if you want to make a volume purchase and need an Invoice to show to your IT manager :), just contact me.

  • The app is asking for root password over and over again.

Please, read this post about how to disable asking for root password on the free version. You can also get the PRO version that asks for root password only once, when installing.

  • Is Turbo Boost Switcher an overcloking app?

Really?!! 😐 … If you’re asking yourself about this.., well…, please, read more about what Turbo Boost is and how it works before using the app. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_Turbo_Boost 

  • I have OSX El Capitán. Is the app compatible?

Yes, it is. Some user have reported no problems when using it, but if the app doesn’t work properly (Turbo Boost is not enabled / disabled) then you can follow these instructions by apple.

  • How can i Know if Turbo Boost is enabled or not? 

Just follow the instructions detailed here, section “How to know if Turbo Boost is enabled or not” at the end of the post.

  • Can’t find the link to download the free version of Turbo Boost Switcher:

Click here!

  • I’ve got additional question/s not answered here:

Take a look to the HELP file included with the distribution.., it contains a LOT of info to solve the majority (if not all) issues related with loading kexts (aplicable by the way to this and other apps), and of course you can reach me at rugarciap at gmail.com