This section includes some frequent questions and answers received from users:

  • OMG! My TBS version doesn’t work with the new/buggy/beta of macOS N…!! 

Betas are that…, betas ;), and they naturally contains bugs (if they didn’t…, wouldn’t be betas!). Be patient and stay tuned. If needed, a new version of TBS will be released before the final version of macOS is made public…. and If you value TBS more than having an unstable system with a beta version of macOS, just use the latest stable version and wait for Apple to release the final version and/or compatibility is confirmed within this blog.

  • Turbo Boost won’t disable on macOS High Sierra:
    • The first time the app runs on a machine and if it has macOS High Sierra installed, Apple forces (repeat, just from macOS High Sierra) to manually allow the kernel extension to be used. It’s pretty straightforward: Read more details here.
      • Set manual mode and click on Disable Turbo Boost option.
      • After some seconds, and if turbo boost is not disabled, go to security settings on control panel
      • Click on allow.
      • Click again on disable turbo boost…, done! You’ll never have to do this again…, according Apple documentation ;).
      • Still not working? Well, High Sierra came after Sierra.., so you do need also to read the next entry below (“Translocation feature” introduced on Sierra)… 😐
  • Does the app work on macOS Serra and/or High Sierra?
    • Yes, the app works fine on macOS Sierra and recently released High Sierra, but since macOS Sierra you need/must/have to to move the app to another folder after uncompressing it and/or from the downloaded .dmg image file. Read more here.
  • I’ve purchased Turbo Boost Switcher Pro. What this window “Enter license key” is for?
    • Check your email and your spam folder for the address you used to purchase the app. You should have one containing information about your purchase with the corresponding serial key. Just copy and paste and enjoy!.
  • I wan’t to install Turbo Boost Switcher Pro on several Macs. How can I make a volume purchase?
    • Purchases and licensed issued when purchasing through the link published are for one Mac and personal use. If you want to make a volume purchase, you can contact me for a discount on the second and other licenses (in the future, this will be automated directly on Gumroad).
  • Can you send me an Invoice?
    • Nope, sorry, I don’t sell the app, It’s Gumroad who does it. But…, if you want to make a volume purchase and need an Invoice to show to your IT manager :), just contact me.
  • The app is asking for root password over and over again.
    • Please, read this post about how to disable asking for root password on the free version. If you have purchased the PRO one, just update to 2.0+ version that will ask for root password only once.
  • I have OSX El Capitán. Is the app compatible?
  • How can i Know if Turbo Boost is enabled or not? 
    • Just follow the instructions detailed here, section “How to know if Turbo Boost is enabled or not” at the end of the post.