TBS – How to update

What’s new, version 2.8.0 (February 7, 2019).¬†More info here.

This is the latest update of Turbo Boost Switcher.

  • New Battery sensor added (both free and pro).
  • New auto mode based on remaining time estimation (only pro).
  • Full dark mode support (both free and pro).
  • Italian and Czech translations added (both free and pro).
  • Translation fixes and other minor changes and improvements. (both free and pro).

How to update?


If you’re using any version equal or above 2.7.0, just click on “Check for updates” and “Download” after that. Quit the app, open the .dmg image and drag & drop over Applications folder overwriting your current version. Remember, no more updates through email from 2.7.0. ¬†Done!

In case you’re using a version below 2.7.0, you will need to update first to 2.7.0. In order to do that, you can log into Gumroad.com with the email you used to get the PRO version and download the latest release. You can also look in your Inbox for 2.7.0 with the same email account you used to purchase the PRO key (please, check your spam folder in case you can’t find it).


Just click on the download link to get the latest version of Turbo Boost Switcher, free version. In order to install just unzip and drag & drop over your current installation after quitting the app.

For more info don’t forget to read the README file provided on the .dmg / .zip files.