Turbo Boost Switcher 1.2.0 (Free and Pro) available

Finally, Turbo Boost 1.2.0 is available for download, on two flavours, Free (same as always) and Pro.

Get them here from here.

The features included on this release are (for both versions):

  1. Auto Enable on Exit: When you Quit the app, it’ll automatically reenable Turbo Boost in case you forgot to do it.
  2. Configure if Turbo Boost is disabled / enabled when the app is launched.
  3. Updated GUI with configuration section.
  4. Retina Icons included.
  5. Improved Main Icon design.
  6. Fixed a couple of bugs on temperature monitoring.


Among that, the Pro one includes:

  • Auto Configuration: With this new feature, you can set the processes you want for which the Turbo Boost feature will be enabled / disabled automatically. You just need to choose an application / running process and done! Turbo Boost Switcher will do the work for you, enabling and disabling when needed.


Motivation for this pro version? As told on a previous post, I feel more confortable if you receive something in exchange for your support on the app among, of course, my eternal gratitude! :). I’ve fixed the price on 9.95$ (lower than the lowest of the donations I’ve received), and again, for those of you who have supported it, you’ll receive soon a discount code to purchase the app for free.

Finally, the free version will always be free :), and have the same updates, changes… than the pro one.

Hope you enjoy this version! I’ll wait for your comments and suggestions :).


Turbo Boost 1.2.0 incoming

Hello there!

As usual, too much time since my last post, so I’ve decided to let all you know I’ll be releasing a new version of Turbo Boost Switcher very soon.

This version will feature:

  1. Enable on Exit: When you Quit the app, it’ll automatically reenable Turbo Boost in case you forgot to do it.
  2. Configure if Turbo Boost is disabled / enabled when the app is launched.
  3. Updated GUI with configuration section.
  4. Retina Icons included.
  5. Improved Main Icon design.
  6. Fixed a couple of bugs on temperature monitoring.

Among this features, I was thinking seriously on changing the “donations” accepted policy. I’ll disable them and release a Pro version of Turbo Boost, called.., yes, you guessed, Turbo Boost Switcher Pro :D. I’ll do that because I feel more confortable with the idea you receiving something for your support on the app. Ah!, and for those of you who have donated (not matter how much), you will receive a free copy of the Pro version, thank you again for your support!

This Pro version will include also an exclusive featured called “Auto Config“. With this option, you will be able to set the applications for what Turbo Boost will be disabled automatically. When you quit any of those apps, Turbo Boost will be reenabled for you! So just set the apps for which you want Turbo Boost to be disabled and forget!!!.

Hope you like the idea.

Stay tunned!!

Turbo Boost Switcher v1.2.0

Hello all,

The 2.1.0 version of Turbo Boost Switcher for OSX is finally up and available for download.

Edit: Current version is 2.1.0 now.

This version includes several fixes and cool new features:

  • Remember permissions, so the app only asks for root password the first time.
  • Status check on wake up
  • Check for updates
  • Power efficiency improved
  • Console log error messages removed
  • Other minor bug-fixes
  • Configure apps that enable / disable turbo boost automatically
  • Notifications
  • And more!…

The update is recommended to all users, so stop reading and go for it now!

Download Turbo Boost Switcher 2.1.0 now!

New Version of Turbo Boost Switcher incoming…

Hi everyone!

After several months working on other projects, I’m getting back again to Turbo Boost Switcher developments.

I’ll release a new version ASAP that will include a patch for the “suspend” bug some of you are reporting, causing the “On” – “Off” status label to display out of sync with the real turbo boost status.

I’m also changing the host since, as you can see, the current one have decided to include ads on my site, so I’ll move out to another one with no ads.

Thanks for your support ant patience, and have a great day!

Xmas Photo Effects for iPhone released

Hello, I’m back again :).

This time to let you all now I’ve just released a new little app for iPhone specially designed for this christmas.

It’s called “Xmas Photo Effects” allowing to take photos and edit them on the fly adding cool christmas based effects.

Share your pictures with your friends & family using email, facebook and/or twitter or just keep them on your phone.

Here are some screenshots, but you can find more info on iTunes following this link.


Screenshot One






Turbo Boost Video Tutorial

Guys of “EasyDownloadHelp” have published a nice video tutorial on how to use Turbo Boost Switcher.

Although is really ease to use, check it out to have the first flavour on how it looks.


Thanks guys!

How to disable Turbo Boost on Mac OS X

I’ve just created and released the first version of Turbo Boost Switcher app for Mac OS X.

Read more about it here.


This free app will allow you to disable/enable Turbo Boost on  newest Intel   Macs at anytime.

I’ve decided to release it Open Source under GPL v2, so you can  also download the code from github.

Feel free to let me know your comments and feedback about it.

Download Turbo Boost Switcher v1.0.0

Source Code.


Smart Babies for iPad released

Yes, finally this little project I’ve finished on vacation is available on the App Store.

This app is intended for babies to toddlers conceived as a set of educative games for iPad.

You can read more info here http://www.rugarciap.com/smart-babies/

Or you can download from the App Sore: iTunes link



OMG, It’s been almost a year since the last update. I knew this was gonna happen.

The thing is I released a new game for App Store called “Camel Run“, and by that time, I new little person came into my life, so I has been (I am) too busy to write on the blog.

But, I’m back!. I am preparing a couple of advanced tutorials about physics and collisions, so stay tuned!

I’m also finishing another project not iOS based this time and, if it goes well, it’ll change the life of many many people for good!

Thanks for reading.


Ay ay ay, hace casi un año desde la última actualización. Sabía que esto iba a ocurrir.

La cosa es que en su momento publiqué un nuevo juego para el App Store llamado “Camel Run” y, por aquella época, una nueva personita apareció en mi vida, así que he estado (estoy) demasiado ocupado como para escribir en el blog.

Sin embargo, estoy de vuelta! y preparando un par de tutoriales interesantes sobre física y colisiones que creo serán interesantes. Permaneced atentos!

Además, también estoy a punto de lanzar otro proyecto (esta vez no iOS) que, si sale adelante, cambiará la vida de mucha gente para bien!

Gracias por leerme!