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TBS – New Version – 2.10.2

Hello there! It’s been a lot…, but I hope the wait was worth it :)…, a bunch of new features and improvements this time! and since Big Sur is just around the corner, there we go! This version is recommended

An update after WWDC 2020

Hi there!! Edit (11/11/2020): Keeps working fine with Big Sur Release Candidate 2! Go for 2.10.0 version now! Be warned: Big Sur is beta and can contain bugs preventing the app to work.., so proceed of course at your own

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TBS – New Version – 2.9.0

Hello there! A new update of Turbo Boost Switcher is available, 2.9.0, for both free and pro versions! As told on a previous post, the version is ready since several weeks ago, but wanted to hold it back just to

Turbo Boost Switcher on macOS Catalina

Hello there! Just wanted to let you know that Turbo Boost Switcher (free and pro) is working fine with macOS Catalina beta! 🙂 Update 1 October 2019: All keeps fine with public beta 9 (dev beta 10) 🙂 Apple fixed

How to notarize your application step by step

So.., you want to notarize your Mac application and you don’t even know where to start? This is a simple step by step guide to help you to accomplish that in matter of minutes from console. I’m publishing this after

TBS – New Version – 2.8.0

Hi there! There is a new version of Turbo Boost Switcher available! It includes some new features both for free & pro versions, full compatibility with Mojave’s dark mode and more. Hope you like it! FREE & PRO: New translations

TBS – New update – 2.7.1

Hi! Here comes a new update of Turbo Boost Switcher, both free and pro versions. This is just a minor update containing some little fixes with no additional features: Fixed an issue about fan speeds that affects only to new

Turbo Boost Switcher on Mojave and Macbook 2018

Hi there! In summary, yes, the app works fine, both free and pro, with latest Mojave Beta and also the new Macbooks Pro 2018. Just writing this small post to let you all know :). Mojave first betas suffered from

TBS – New Version 2.7.0 released!

Hi! I’m back again to publish a new release of Turbo Boost Switcher… 2.7.0. 2.7.0 PRO version screenshot FREE & PRO: Long requested ability from many of you of changing the sensors refresh/update time. Default value is 4 seconds and

TBS: New Version in progress

Hi there! It’s been some time since my last post… oops :P. Christmas, Holidays, kids.., Just writing to let you all know that I’ve just started the development for the next version of Turbo Boost Switcher, both PRO and FREE