TBS New Version – 2.5.0


Here comes a new update of Turbo Boost Switcher.

I was a little busy the last couple of months so I wasn’t able to finish all the features I wanted to add, but I felt it was time to release it since this update contains a couple of, I think, must have features.

So there you go:

  • Redesigned app icons
  • Some GUI improvements & more to come!
  • Display CPU load at anytime.
  • Change between languages directly from the app’s menu.
  • New language: Swedish.
  • Improved current translations.
  • [PRO only]: Display serial key on about dialog.
  • Some little bugfixes and stability improvements.

And this is how it looks now! Hope you like it, there will be more GUI changes in the next version.

I was working also on some new auto modes for the pro version, like one based on CPU Load & CPU Temperature, but didn’t felt confortable with the result, so that and more will have to wait until the next version.

To install this update, just grab the latest version and drag & drop the app over the current installed version. To download it:

  • If you own the PRO version, just click on the corresponding button on the update’s email you should have right now and/or log into your Gumroad account to get it.
  • From FREE version, just click on the free version link to get the latest one.

As always thank you very much for your support!


4 comments on “TBS New Version – 2.5.0
  1. Pablo Salgado says:

    I have an Idea
    What about “half” turbo boost, if possible (*)
    for example my MBP is 2.2ghz normal 3.1ghz turbo
    If the turbo multiplier get caped to 2.6 or similar would be nice (half turbo = normal mult + round (turbo-normal)/2

    With 3.1ghz fans go to 6200rpm and temp goes beyond 90° after few seconds of stressing the CPU, with 2.6 I expect to increase performance with a more usable/comfortable temp/noise as at 2.2 fans go to 3000-3500 and temps are in the mid 60°

    (*) If the MSR that control turbo multiplier are writable, I have no idea if they are…

    By the way great program, I purchased Pro yesterday (after using regular for a few months, keep the good work!)

    • rugarciap says:


      Thanks for your feedback! Turbo Boost feature can be disabled / enabled through a MSR register and is an on / off flag (Intel Developer Manuals).

      I’m afraid there is no such option, but will dig deeper into that idea to see if that can be accomplished through other way 😉


  2. Mattoo says:

    Congrats for this great update !! it’s a really nice visual enhancement (at least, but I know there’s more inside), and it works pretty well under Sierra (MBA 11″ mid-2013 FYI). Keep on the good work !!

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