TBS – New Version – 2.3.0

Hi all!

Just released a new version of Turbo Boost Switcher, 2.3.0. It contains some cool new features and a couple of minor fixes, so It’s recommended for everyone :).

The main feature is a redesigned GUI to clearly separate the manual mode from the auto one and a new trigger depending on your batter level.

As you can see in the following figure, the auto settings are all now under the same screen, designed to support more auto modes in the future ;).

new_battery_auto_mode_online new_apps_auto_mode new_main_menu


These are all the changes included:

  • New battery level auto mode (PRO):  You will be able to set Turbo Boost feature to be disabled when battery level goes below a configurable setting.
  • GUI update to unifiy auto modes (PRO): All auto modes are now under the same settings screen, so future auto modes (like CPU Temp, load, etc) will be also included here.
  • The option “Disable when charged disconnected” (PRO) has been moved to the new auto mode GUI settings.
  • New auto mode checkbox (PRO): Auto mode can be enabled / disabled from the main menu (this has  been requested by a bunch of users :).
  • Check for updates automatically on startup (PRO & FREE).
  • Minor fixes, translations, etc (PRO & FREE).

Those of you who own a previous version of the app, just check your email and download the app with the URL / View attachments option included in the email notification (or enter into Gumroad with your user and download from there at anytime).

As always, thanks for your support.


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