Turbo Boost Switcher update 2.2.0 available


Just released a new version of Turbo Boost Switcher. Besides a couple of new features, this version includes also beta compatibility with beta version of macOS Sierra and some fixes and improvements.

You should have received an email with the update. If not, please check your spam folder.

New features:

  • Celsius & Fahrenheit display (PRO only): Now you can choose between both to display the cpu temp.


  • Beta support for macOS Sierra: The app has been tested both on beta 3 and 4 and works fine, as reported on last emails. Read more here.
  • App packaged as .dmg instead zip: In order to make things even easier, now the app is distributed as a .dmg. (PRO only for now, incoming also for free).


Improvements & Fixes:

  • Some stability improvements and compatibility fixes.
  • Licensing process improved.
  • Other minor fixes.

Install procedure:

  • Just download (move to Applications if on macOS Sierra) and run!.

Hoping you enjoy this release.


2 comments on “Turbo Boost Switcher update 2.2.0 available
  1. Niklaus Vogt says:

    and where can i download the Pro Version when i already have a paid version?

    • rugarciap says:


      Just click on the link “View attachments” inside the email you received with the update and/or login into Gumroad with your user to download the app at anytime.

      Best regards!

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