A little update after WWDC 2017


As you surely know by now, new Macbooks and a future release of macOS were announce yesterday at WWDC 2017 Keynote. Both news are related to Turbo Boost Switcher, so just wanted to give you a couple of updates about that.

Regarding the new macs, great news!. They include a new processor with Kaby Lake architecture… Just reviewed the Intel Software Developer Manuals and there is no change on MSR register to enable / disable Turbo Boost :).

About the future macOS version to be released this fall, I’ll be testing the betas agains the next version of TBS I’m working on and giving some feedback on this post.

Edit (Sep 25, 2017): Just tested against macOS 10.13 (High Sierra)

In any case there was nothing announced yesterday that points to a possible incompatibility, but to be sure and since macOS betas are usually a little unstable (at least first versions are) the only thing I can recommend to you is … wait :), or, if you can’t and you’re an early adopter like me, just use some protection like an external hard drive for testing or so ;).


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