TBS – New Version 2.7.0 released!


I’m back again to publish a new release of Turbo Boost Switcher… 2.7.0.

2.7.0 PRO version screenshot

  • FREE & PRO: Long requested ability from many of you of changing the sensors refresh/update time. Default value is 4 seconds and you’ll be able to change it from 1 to 60.
  • FREE & PRO: Charting! You can open an independent window so you can view how disabling Turbo Boost affect both Temperature and Fan Speed. Charts will display up to 60 ticks with the same refresh / update time set for sensors.
  • Only PRO: Ability to reorder app configuration with drag & drop so you can easily change priorities between apps.
  • Only PRO: Alerts! Notifications have been moved to customizable “Alerts” based on Temperature, Fan speed, etc… and one more thing. If Turbo Boost feature is enabled, you will be able to disable it directly from the alert popup.
  • FREE & PRO: Some minor bugfixes and translations.

If you already own a version of Turbo Boost app (both free and pro) just visit the how to update page for further instructions.

As always, thanks for your comments and support!

9 comments on “TBS – New Version 2.7.0 released!
  1. Jesse from Houston, TX says:

    I love this app! This has saved me so much frustration! One question: Is there a way to have it running (have Turbo disabled) and not have the icon on the menu bar?

    Thank you so much!

    • rugarciap says:

      Hi! Thanks to you for using the app and your kind comments :). Right now the app is a “menu/status bar” one, so as of today, the answer is no because you need at least one “icon/button” in order to display the App’s menu…, but it’s on the TODO list for the future… 😉

      Thanks for your feedback!

  2. Eric Jacobsen says:

    I’ve got a feature request. I’m using a similar app called Night Owl that does on-the-fly switching between Mojave’s “light” and “dark” modes.

    In addition to the usual menu options, I can also just right-click on the icon for instant on/off toggle. I’d love to have this identical functionality in TBSP.

    • rugarciap says:

      Cool! Thanks for your feedback…, didn’t think about that but I also believe that’d be a great addition :), so added to the TODO list :). Best!

  3. Eric Jacobsen says:

    Thank you for the app. Worth every penny.

    Does it support Automator actions? I’d like to make a “tell application `Turbo Boost Pro` / set Turbo Boost to !(Turbo Boost)” or something, then stick that in my Touch Bar.

    • rugarciap says:

      Thanks to you! Didn’t think about it really, but I could be a great addition… Thanks for the idea! will consider that 😉

  4. Gonzo says:

    Great app! Thank you so much! Just started using it, I wish I could find it earlier.

  5. stu says:

    Great update – thanks!

    I love the app which is a real battery save on my 2016 MBPr Touch Bar

    Keep up the good work!

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