Tips to extend your mac battery life

I know for a fact that many of you (if not most) use Turbo Boost Switcher not only to cool the CPU and stop the fan noise, but to improve and extend your mac battery life up to a 25% more.

So here are some tips to improve your battery duration:

1.- Disable Turbo Boost: You guessed! First, just install Turbo Boost Switcher so Turbo Boost mode is disabled preventing your CPU to reach 100% without any noticeable performance slow down. This way you’ll get up to a 25% more battery depending on use.

2.- Brightness: Sound obvious, isn’t it? But yes, by reducing your screen brightness you’ll also save a little bit more of battery. If you’re not in a high contrast context, your eyes will get used to it fast. In example, if you’re watching a movie on your bed with all lights off, try setting brightness to the minimum ;).

3.- Wifi: Not using internet? then just click on the wifi icon on your status bar and just disable it, specially if you’re out of home to prevent searching for new networks.

4.- Volume: Listening to music and/or watching movies? Lower down the volume just a little. Your battery and your ears will thank you :).

5.- Close unused applications: When you’re not using an app it doesn’t get removed from memory unless you explicitly quit it. You’ll notice this situation by a little arrow under the app icon on the status bar. To quit the app, just right click on the icon and, after that, click on “Quit / Exit”.

6.- Energy Saver: Open Energy Saver on System Preferences and adjust settings there like put the disks to rest when possible, automatically shut down the screen and more.

7.- Bluetooth: Not using bluetooth? Disable it clicking on the corresponding icon within the status bar.

Thanks & enjoy!

P.D. Just finishing the new version development…, releasing it soon, so stay tuned!

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