TBS – New Version released!

Hi again!

Glad to announce that here comes a new update of Turbo Boost Switcher, both free and pro versions.

This release includes several features requested by many of you:

1.- [FREE & PRO]: Choose to display or not the text “Off/On” on the status bar! :).

2.- [FREE & PRO]: Automatically restart the app when changing language to directly apply the new setting.

3.- [PRO]: New and fully configurable status bar so you can chose to directly display on it the CPU Load, CPU Temperature, Fan rpm and Turbo Boost status. No more clicking on the bar to take a look at your Mac status! 😉


4.- [FREE & PRO]: As many of you also have requested, new icon for off state, so you can check Turbo Boost status even when there is anything else on the status bar (just take a look at the screenshot above).

5.- [PRO]: Improved auto battery configuration, so you can set both battery level and charger connected settings at the same time.

6.- [FREE & PRO]: Minor changes like removing the enable / disable icon to prevent confusions, menu items sorting, minor bugs fixed and improvements, etc.

7.- [FREE  & PRO]: Compatibility also tested against the just released macOS High Sierra! More details here.

If you have any doubts about how to update, just click here and/or take a look at the faqs.

So hope you like it and as always thanks for your support and feedback.

Enjoy 🙂

Edit (04/10/2017): Just released a little fix only needed on the FREE version, since it was refreshing the data on screen too fast.., went back to every 4 seconds. Go here to download the upgrade if you want 😉

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