TBS – New Version – 2.12.0

Hello there!

Here comes again a new version of Turbo Boost Switcher both FREE & PRO to celebrate incoming macOS Ventura version just released.

This time all new features are requested by many of you since a lot of time!

  • macOS Ventura tested and ready to go! (FREE and PRO)
  • New Auto Mode: CPU Load (PRO only): Yes! now you can set a CPU level as auto mode. As you can see in the following figure, enable it so Turbo Boost is automatically disabled when cpu load goes above the configured level, and goes on again below a certain load.
  • Revamped Charting!: (FREE and PRO): Charting needed some love since long ago, so put some work over them with this version:

    • 2 New Chart Modes: Now you can view also the CPU Load and Frequency average values.
    • No data: When there is no data available a gray background layer is added.
    • Adjusted charts: Axes and values are now scaled proportionally.
    • CPU Frequency Charts: Since retrieving CPU frequency (using powermetrics) is time and cpu consuming, data is only obtained when charting window is open, that’s why no value is shown (grey background) when charting is closed.
  • Minor fixes and improvements, help update and so on.

So hope you enjoy it! and please let me know what you think about this new version on comments below.

Thanks for your help and support!!!

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