TBS on Monterey working!

Hi there!

That’s it… I’ve been testing the app with Monterey and works just fine from beta to final vresion! Hurray! As you can see on the image below, the app keeps disabling turbo boost with Monterey developer beta final! .All other features works fine the same that they do on current stable Big Sur version.

And there is MORE. I’ve been playing with the new low power mode provided by Apple in Monterey, and it does NOT disables Turbo Boost. Instead, it keeps the frecuency above the base clock value (in mine, 300Mhz above) so the power & battery saving and temperature reduction is still better if you use Turbo Boost Switcher than Low Power Mode from Apple.

Best of all, you can use both! I tried Since that feature is a little obscure, and they might be performing other optimisations.., it’s great that you can have both options to keep disabling turbo boost and get other improvements by Apple itself on their new low power mode option.

This was just a little fast test… and of course more time is needed, but the first results on my test Macbook Pro (characteristics on previous figure) seems to point that.

  • Turbo Boost Switcher saves you 4Watts compared to new Low Power Mode.
  • Turbo Boost Switcher will lower down the frequency 300Mhz below Low Power Mode does.
  • Turbo Boost Swithcer gets you lower temperature, 5ÂșC less than Low Power Mode.

Of course, this numbers may change depending on the Mac model you’re working with, but the relative difference between those configurations will probably be proportional. Apple did some job here finally, but it seems that at least for now Turbo Boost Switcher will get you better battery performance, temperature and noise reduction that the new low power mode. Let’s see in the future!


2 comments on “TBS on Monterey working!
  1. Ricardo N says:

    Great app. Appreciate your work on it. Been using it for years. I’m using Pro v2.10.2 on macOS 11.6. Looking forward to your Monterey-compatible release. Cheers

    • rugarciap says:

      Hi! thanks for your kind feedback! Current version is also compatible with Monterey final version (aka release candidate) so no worries!.., but you’re right.., a new version is coming out sooner than later :).

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