TBS – New update – 2.7.1


Here comes a new update of Turbo Boost Switcher, both free and pro versions. This is just a minor update containing some little fixes with no additional features:

  • Fixed an issue about fan speeds that affects only to new Macbooks Pro 2018.  New macbooks (2018 pro ones) return fan speed using different data type, so this is just a little update to display the fan readings.  In any case, remember that under 1000 rpm aprox. the readings return “0” value, so N/A will continue to be displayed whenever the fans are not running.
  • Remember refresh rate setting (this is just for free version, pro was working fine).
  • Charting compatibility with OSX 10.8 fixed, since some users reported the new Charts feature introduced on 2.7.0 were not showing properly on Mac OSX 10.8.
  • Updated app signature to my Developer ID certificate, so no more warnings about “unidentified” developer are shown when installing.
  • Other minor fixes (translations, status update timing adjustment, etc).

To update, just download the corresponding file and install as usual. More info on how to update.


One comment on “TBS – New update – 2.7.1
  1. kddc says:

    Great App, Great Support (Github) – tried the free version for a few weeks and upgraded to pro version, which has a very fair price i think. Good job!

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