Turbo Boost Switcher on Mojave and Macbook 2018

Hi there!

In summary, yes, the app works fine, both free and pro, with latest Mojave Beta and also the new Macbooks Pro 2018. Just writing this small post to let you all know :).

Mojave first betas suffered from one bug that was preventing the kernel extension from being loaded. That affected to many apps like Littlesnitch, but after reporting to Apple, they solved it on public beta 3 of Mojave (developer beta 4) :), so yes, the app is again working just fine with latest Mojave Beta!

Here you’ve got a screenshot of the app running on my MB air with Mojave public beta 3 and dark mode enabled.

About the app running on new Macbooks (2018), it just works fine allowing to enable / disable turbo boost without issues. It makes sense, since as you know (you should! :P) the feature is controlled by a Processor MSRs and Intel doesn’t change that from model to model… (the feature depends on Intel, not Apple….). There has been also many users confirmations of the app running on new Macbook, so, again, yes, the app works fine with the new MBPs 2018 so far.

Edit: Confirmed myself with my new MBP 2018 and little fixed released on 2.7.1 version.

As always, thanks for all your comments and support!

2 comments on “Turbo Boost Switcher on Mojave and Macbook 2018
  1. Daisuke Yamaguchi says:

    One request for future versions:
    Switch the chart temperature units to match specified units in settings. I switched to Fahrenheit, but still see Celsius in the chart.

    Thank you. Love the app!

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