TBS working on macOS Ventura

Hi there!

I’ve just tried myself and wanted to share with all of you that Turbo Boost Switcher (both PRO and FREE versions) is working flawlessly on the just released macOS Ventura final!

Hooray! I’ll keep this post updated after each beta release until final version for compatibility tracking. That means the app is compatible with macOS 13 final version!

Here you’ve got a little screenshot taken just now

And there is more… since Power Mode Switcher is working just fine too!

For those of you that need to approve the kernel extension again and/or installing for the first time on macOS Ventura, the process is the same, but Apple changed the user interface a little.

Here is how it’s shown as of now. As you can see, now settings are shown with a left navigation sidebar, but you just need to click there over “Security and privacy” as always and, after that, click over “Details…” in order to enable the kernel extension from “Legacy Developer: rugarciap”. Something like the following screenshots. After that, remember to reboot! although macOS will ask you to do that.

Click over Details under Privacy & Security
Enable Turbo Boost kernel extension and finally reboot. Done!


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