Turbo Boost Switcher 1.2.0 (Free and Pro) available

Finally, Turbo Boost 1.2.0 is available for download, on two flavours, Free (same as always) and Pro.

Get them here from here.

The features included on this release are (for both versions):

  1. Auto Enable on Exit: When you Quit the app, it’ll automatically reenable Turbo Boost in case you forgot to do it.
  2. Configure if Turbo Boost is disabled / enabled when the app is launched.
  3. Updated GUI with configuration section.
  4. Retina Icons included.
  5. Improved Main Icon design.
  6. Fixed a couple of bugs on temperature monitoring.


Among that, the Pro one includes:

  • Auto Configuration: With this new feature, you can set the processes you want for which the Turbo Boost feature will be enabled / disabled automatically. You just need to choose an application / running process and done! Turbo Boost Switcher will do the work for you, enabling and disabling when needed.


Motivation for this pro version? As told on a previous post, I feel more confortable if you receive something in exchange for your support on the app among, of course, my eternal gratitude! :). I’ve fixed the price on 9.95$ (lower than the lowest of the donations I’ve received), and again, for those of you who have supported it, you’ll receive soon a discount code to purchase the app for free.

Finally, the free version will always be free :), and have the same updates, changes… than the pro one.

Hope you enjoy this version! I’ll wait for your comments and suggestions :).


One comment on “Turbo Boost Switcher 1.2.0 (Free and Pro) available
  1. Kasama says:

    I have a question,

    I use it and I always have to type my root password before the program take an effect.

    How can I just type root password for only a first time running ?
    Or, It was limitation ?

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