Problems with AudioToolbox on iOS 5? Read this!

It seems that Apple did some changes on Core Audio and, more specifically, the AudioToolbox Framework for iOS 5. Some users (myself too) are reporting problems with this framework, making the app to hang up on most cases although the audio works fine.

Since the users (and me neither) did not any change to the app since the last iOS version, all the facts points to a bug on iOS 5 related with the audio subsystem, more specifically with AudioToolbox, SystemSound calls, etc. So, do you have to wait for an Apple bug fix release?  NO!

Ok, first of all, don’t panic. Here you’ll find the solution if you are having the same kind of problem.

First of all, to be sure you’re getting the same error, check your console log and look for the following lines:

Error loading

/System/Library/Extensions/AudioIPCDriver.kext/Contents/Resources/AudioIPCPlugIn.bundle/Contents/MacOS/AudioIPCPlugIn:  dlopen(/System/Library/Extensions/AudioIPCDriver.kext/Contents/Resources/AudioIPCPlugIn.bundle/Contents/MacOS/AudioIPCPlugIn, 262): Symbol not found: ___CFObjCIsCollectable

If the previous lines appears.., good! , lets see how to add a workaround until Apple releases a fix for this.

I’m creating another app with the Cocos2d framework that doesn’t have this problem. Cocos2d uses a framework to play background audio and sound effects. It’s called “CocosDenshion” and you can use it directly on your app.

The framework is distributed with cocos2d, so download it from here:

Once you’ve downloaded it, you will find a folder called CocosDenshion with some .h and .m files. Add all of them to your project along with the frameworks needed:

AVFoundation, OpenAL and AudtioToolbox.

Next, let’s replace your current code to play your sound files:

1.- Add the “SimpleAudioEngine.h” header to your class

[cce lang=”objc”]#import “SimpleAudioEngine.h”[/cce]

2.- Done!, now if you want to play/stop background music:

[cce lang=”objc”]

// Start playing

[[SimpleAudioEngine sharedEngine] playBackgroundMusic:@”background.mp3″ loop:YES];


// Stop playing

[[SimpleAudioEngine sharedEngine] stopBackgroundMusic];


3.- Finally, if you wan’t to play some effects:

[cce lang=”objc”]

// Play the effect

[[SimpleAudioEngine sharedEngine] playEffect:@”effect.mp3″];


Now you just need to send your update to Apple and cross your fingers to be released soon. You can try to request for an expedited review (i did it too) on iTunesConnect, arguing your app was working fine until the update of iOS.

If you liked this tutorial, link and send it to your developer friends so the have the same info and check if all is working fine with iOS 5.

Good luck and thanks for reading!

How to add flip transition between two UIViews

Some cool effect I always loved is the flip transition between two UIViews. On this tutorial you will learn how to do it in a very straightforward way. For this tutorial I’ll assume you are used to work with UIViews, Xcode, etc.

First of all, this is a video of what you’ll get at the end.

Start by creating a new project on Xcode as a new “View based application” and name it “FlipViewTutorial”.

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eCrucigramas Lite ya disponible

La versión Lite de eCrucigramas ya está disponible en el iTunes Store.

Esta versión include las mismas funcionalides que la versión complete, con solamente dos limitaciones:

  • Sólo 8 crucigramas de demostración de differences tamaños para que puedas prober el saber de la aplicación, aunque podrás descargar más de 1200 nuevos del App Store al mismo precio sue la versión completa.
  • No podrás descargar crucigramas de fuentes externas, como el NYTimes.

Descárgalo ahora gratis aquí!

eCrosswords Lite now available

The Lite version of eCrosswords for iPad is now available on iTunes Store.

This version includes the same features the full version has, with just 2 little limitations:

  • Just 8 demo crosswords of different sizes to give you a taste of the app, but you will still be able to download up to more than 1200 crosswords from the App Store at the same price the full version has.
  • You won’t be able to download crosswords from external sources (like NYTimes and so on).

Hope you enjoy it!

Get it free here now!

eCrucigramas 1.2 publicado!

Así es!, por fin he conseguido publicar la versión 1.2 para iPad de eCrucigramas.

Se han añadido interesantes novedades:

– Zoom y Pan: Ahora puedes hacer zoom hasta un factor de 1.8x!
– Estrellas: Clasifica tus crucigramas con estrellas para localizarlos más fácilmente, ordenarlos, etc.
– Favoritos: Nueva sección favoritos a la que podrás añadir cualquier crucigrama.

Esperando que os guste esta actualización, estoy preparando importantes novedades para el futuro cercano que seguro os gustarán a todos ;).

Gracias por el apoyo y disfrutad de esta nueva versión.

eCrosswords 1.2 released!

That’s it!, at the end I managed to finally release the 1.2 version of eCrosswords for iPad.

This version includes cool new features, like:

– Zoom and Pan: Now you can zoom in and out up to 1.8x factor!
– Rating: You can set rankings to your crosswords by rating them with stars to order them later by this criteria.
– Favourites: New section that will hold those crosswords you check as favourite

Hoping the people like this update, I’m planning some new stuff for the near feature that will sure like all of you ;).

Thanks for your support and enjoy this new version.

iOS Development Resources

One of the problems a developer always face is usually to have no idea about design, audio and these kind of “multimedia” stuff. On these cases the best way to face this problem is to surf through Internet and find some good resources made by others..

You should pay attention during this process if you choose to use resources of pages claiming they are “free”. “Free” doesn’t mean “free to use on your apps”, especially if you are going to sell your stuff. That’s why you must be sure the license included is “Commercial free” if you don’t want to pay a buck. The next webs contain this kind of resources, but its license can change at any time, so you will need to review carefully the license included with each resource you download.

I’ll try to grow and keep updated this page so often as i can. Last updated: 09/18/2011 Read more ›

Recursos desarrollo iOS

Uno de los problemas a los que se enfrenta todo desarrollador que, como yo, no tiene ni idea de diseño, es encontrar el modo de hacer que nuestra aplicación no sea un desastre visualmente. En estos casos, lo mejor es optar por Internet y utilizar los recursos de las diferentes webs dedicadas a tal efecto.

Debe ponerse especial cuidado en esta búsqueda, sobre todo si se decide emplear páginas con recursos “gratuito”. Que sea gratuito no significa que podáis emplearlo en vuestras aplicaciones, sobre todo si le vais a dar uso comercial, por lo que debéis aseguraros de que la licencia incluida es “commercial free”. Las webs que se incluyen a continuación contienen este tipo de recursos, pero esto puede cambiar sin previo aviso, por lo que debéis revisar cuidadosamente la licencia.

Iré actualizando este artículo con frecuencia con nuevos recursos y enlaces de interés. Última actualización, 18/09/2011

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Eliminar reviews del App Store

Pasan los días, crece la ilusión y por fin nuestra aplicación está disponible en el App Store! Vemos orgullosos nuestro icono en iTunes, con su descripción, pero, horror!, algún “troll” ha dejado una mancha en nuestro todavía impoluto expediente con una crítica feroz fuera de lugar y totalmente subjetiva.

Esto ocurre más veces de las que desearíamos, en unos casos debido a que simplemente este tipo de personajes abundan en la red, y en otros debido a la competencia agresiva del App Store. Los comentarios del tipo “No funciona nada”, “Estafa”, etc. existen y son, en cierta medida, inevitables desde el momento en que el App Store y el número de clientes se ha masificado. Estas revisiones pueden provocar un decremento en las ventas totalmente injustificado, por lo que…¿Que podemos hacer? Read more ›

eCrosswords HD available!

Today Apple approved the app eCrosswords so it’s right now on sale at App Store.

After several months of development at the end it was released and in less than a day is already on the Top 50 on “Word Games” category :). It’s too soon to say nothing about it, but i’m very glad with the result for now.

Now it’s time to let the people now eCrosswords HD exists, so i’ve created Twitter and Facebook accounts, posts on popular forums and review requests to the typical websites (appcraver, tuaw, etc).

If you want to try eCrosswords HD for free you can do it by making a RT of one tweet published today on the account

All the details available on