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Turbo Boost Video Tutorial

Guys of “EasyDownloadHelp” have published a nice video tutorial on how to use Turbo Boost Switcher. Although is really ease to use, check it out to have the first flavour on how it looks. Thanks guys!

How to disable Turbo Boost on Mac OS X

I’ve just created and released the first version of Turbo Boost Switcher app for Mac OS X. Read more about it here. This free app will allow you to disable/enable Turbo Boost on  newest Intel   Macs at anytime. I’ve decided

Problems with AudioToolbox on iOS 5? Read this!

It seems that Apple did some changes on Core Audio and, more specifically, the AudioToolbox Framework for iOS 5. Some users (myself too) are reporting problems with this framework, making the app to hang up on most cases although the audio

How to add flip transition between two UIViews

Some cool effect I always loved is the flip transition between two UIViews. On this tutorial you will learn how to do it in a very straightforward way. For this tutorial I’ll assume you are used to work with UIViews,

iOS Development Resources

One of the problems a developer always face is usually to have no idea about design, audio and these kind of “multimedia” stuff. On these cases the best way to face this problem is to surf through Internet and find