Turbo Boost 1.2.0 incoming

Hello there!

As usual, too much time since my last post, so I’ve decided to let all you know I’ll be releasing a new version of Turbo Boost Switcher very soon.

This version will feature:

  1. Enable on Exit: When you Quit the app, it’ll automatically reenable Turbo Boost in case you forgot to do it.
  2. Configure if Turbo Boost is disabled / enabled when the app is launched.
  3. Updated GUI with configuration section.
  4. Retina Icons included.
  5. Improved Main Icon design.
  6. Fixed a couple of bugs on temperature monitoring.

Among this features, I was thinking seriously on changing the “donations” accepted policy. I’ll disable them and release a Pro version of Turbo Boost, called.., yes, you guessed, Turbo Boost Switcher Pro :D. I’ll do that because I feel more confortable with the idea you receiving something for your support on the app. Ah!, and for those of you who have donated (not matter how much), you will receive a free copy of the Pro version, thank you again for your support!

This Pro version will include also an exclusive featured called “Auto Config“. With this option, you will be able to set the applications for what Turbo Boost will be disabled automatically. When you quit any of those apps, Turbo Boost will be reenabled for you! So just set the apps for which you want Turbo Boost to be disabled and forget!!!.

Hope you like the idea.

Stay tunned!!