How to disable Turbo Boost on Mac OS X

I’ve just created and released the first version of Turbo Boost Switcher app for Mac OS X.

Read more about it here.


This free app will allow you to disable/enable Turbo Boost on  newest Intel   Macs at anytime.

I’ve decided to release it Open Source under GPL v2, so you can  also download the code from github.

Feel free to let me know your comments and feedback about it.

Download Turbo Boost Switcher v1.0.0

Source Code.


7 comments on “How to disable Turbo Boost on Mac OS X
  1. Alec Kinnear says:

    Hi Ruben. I’ve bought the pro – delighted to support your work packaging this up neatly – but I run my MBP on 10.8.5 and 10.6.8. I don’t want a refund. Could you patch the pro KEXT to work with the older OS? The free is fine but logging in twice at ever wake up is a bit of a nag.

    Love what you’ve done. My MBP 2011 2.2 Ghz benches at 8000 instead of 9800 (Geekbench 3) but it’s quiet and smooth instead at last. No perceptible slow down. Four QuickTime videos running smoothly at the same time with low processor load while streaming 1080p in a browser too. Unbelievable.

  2. Nguyen says:

    This app is very useful for me to turn off the turbo boost feature. But after a period of times, the feature is (mysteriously) automatically turned on without any notification. The icon of the app is still in “Off” status.
    I can only figure it out by using the app Intel Power Gadget which shows the current speed of the CPU in real time.

    Could you take a look at this bug?

  3. Coffeesaid says:

    First,thank you very much,i was also looking for it for years~

    But now,i have a problem.

    I’m download this app and fire it,then choose “disable turbo boost”and input my password and press “ok”.

    But there was nothing changed,the icon in the statusbar is still shows “on”.

    So,I think i need some help.

  4. polarna says:

    Thank you for this! For some tasks I have used cputhrottle from MacPorts but it can only limit cpu usage for processes by PID. Sometimes my computer ramps up multiple tasks and the fans make terrible noice!

    This totaly saves me 🙂

  5. Lein says:

    This is awesome–been looking for this for quite a time. One suggestion though, would it be possible to get a version (or an option in a new version) to simply have the program be a static icon on/off object on the menu bar (no sensor polling,) and to have a single click on the icon toggle Turbo boost on an off? Thanks either way.

    • rugarciap says:

      Thank you for your comments.

      That would be for sure a faster way to use Turbo Boost Switcher. I’ll think about it and how to integrate it on the app for a future version.

      Thanks again!

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