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One of the problems a developer always face is usually to have no idea about design, audio and these kind of “multimedia” stuff. On these cases the best way to face this problem is to surf through Internet and find some good resources made by others..

You should pay attention during this process if you choose to use resources of pages claiming they are “free”. “Free” doesn’t mean “free to use on your apps”, especially if you are going to sell your stuff. That’s why you must be sure the license included is “Commercial free” if you don’t want to pay a buck. The next webs contain this kind of resources, but its license can change at any time, so you will need to review carefully the license included with each resource you download.

I’ll try to grow and keep updated this page so often as i can. Last updated: 09/18/2011


  1. IconArchive: ( Repository with thousands of icons sorted by category. It includes a little search engine and contains resources with all kind of licenses. If you are going to use the resources with commercial purposes, you have the option to filter the results by license type, where you should set “Commercial free” if you don’t want to pay a buck. This is always my first place to find the icons i need :).


  1. Reiners Tilesets ( Huge repository with lots of  2D and 3D graphics for several kind of games. Includes tilesets for games, isometric graphics, heroes, 3D models, etc. Check it, you won’t regret. Free to use in commercial and non comercial apps, but review the updated license here:
  2. CGTextures ( Web with a lot of textures you can use on your apps. The license is “Commercial free”, with some limitations you should check here. License

  1. CCMixter ( The perfect place to find your samples and background music for your app. Contains tons of resources from different artists, all with Creative Commons. You should check first the kind of Creative Commons License included since it may change from song to song, but you will sure find something you like :).
  2. Incompetech ( An independent artist who offers the most of his library freely. I’ve used some of the available compositions on my apps. Give it a try. The only thing you need to do is to include him on the app credits and, whenever it’s possible, give him a donation.

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