Year: 2013

Xmas Photo Effects for iPhone released

Hello, I’m back again :). This time to let you all now I’ve just released a new little app for iPhone specially designed for this christmas. It’s called “Xmas Photo Effects” allowing to take photos and edit them on the fly

Turbo Boost Video Tutorial

Guys of “EasyDownloadHelp” have published a nice video tutorial on how to use Turbo Boost Switcher. Although is really ease to use, check it out to have the first flavour on how it looks. Thanks guys!

How to disable Turbo Boost on Mac OS X

I’ve just created and released the first version of Turbo Boost Switcher app for Mac OS X. Read more about it here. This free app will allow you to disable/enable Turbo Boost on  newest Intel   Macs at anytime. I’ve decided