An update after WWDC 2020

Hi there!!

Edit (07/09/2020): Keeps working fine with Big Sur beta 6 (third Public Beta)

Be warned: Big Sur is beta and can contain bugs preventing the app to work.., so proceed of course at your own risk! That being said…

Ready for some good news!? Yeah! I’ve just tested Turbo Boost Switcher, both free and PRO with macOS Big Sur first developer beta and it works as expected.., this is the first time since Sierra the app works with the first beta release, so that’s really great!

The only thing that seems to be changed regarding install procedure (in fact, it did for all apps using kernel extensions) is that after installing a reboot is mandatory.

I spent some time testing and all features seem to work just fine (notifications, auto modes, disabling and enabling, monitoring, etc), but of course this is just the first beta release of macOS Big Sur so stay tuned!

As always, will keep the blog updated if needed and after testing the app against betas as they come out.

Of course, Big Sur is in beta yet, and the same Apple recommends, I’d suggest no to try this on your daily Mac since it contain bugs, and the app can even work or not depending on your configuration, different bugs that can be present, etc…, but in any case, this seems promising!

Thanks and enjoy!

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2 comments on “An update after WWDC 2020
  1. Tonmoy Sharma says:

    Nice, I was worried about updating to Big Sur as I am mostly dependent on TBS.

    • rugarciap says:

      Yeah, agree :), but we need to be careful, a lot of things can happen on future beta releases.., in any case, looks promising! stay tuned! will keep the blog updated with each release.

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