TBS – New Version – 2.9.0

Hello there!

A new update of Turbo Boost Switcher is available, 2.9.0, for both free and pro versions! As told on a previous post, the version is ready since several weeks ago, but wanted to hold it back just to verify full compatibility with macOS Catalina. Apple released several beta versions where the app worked flawlessly, so I think time has come :).

  • Notarization: Both free and pro binaries have been reviewed by Apple and notarized using my Developer ID.
  • Disable monitoring: A longly requested feature so you can enable / disable monitoring at will. In order to do so, just click on the new checkbox next to refresh rate. Of course, all the options related to this feature, like status bar info, will be also enabled / disabled accordingly. This is available for both free and pro versions.

  • [PRO only] New Fan Speed Ato mode!:Β Finally! here comes another feature longly requested by many of you! . It allows to set a threshold to disable Turbo Boost when fan speed goes over the configured rpm, and gets back enabled when lowered to another configurable value.

  • Several translations fixes.
  • Some dark mode fixes and other minor improvements.

Of course, as with previous versions, it’s compatible also with macOS Catalina.

In order to update, just click on “Check for updates…” option from within the app.

Hope you like it!

Best πŸ™‚

11 comments on “TBS – New Version – 2.9.0
  1. Sig says:

    Thank you for developing this app and continuing support! Glad the ability to disable the monitoring is a great feature, as I use a separate program for that. Much appreciated all around.
    – Satisfied pro user.

  2. Christoph says:

    So awesome! The only app that’d have put me off from updating to Catalina.

    Thank you so much for your work! (Pro user here)

  3. Isac says:

    Awesome update! Really appreciate the new Fan Speed mode, I have been waiting for that! Thanks! πŸ˜€

  4. Sins says:

    Many Thanks for this. I’ve had it on all my macs.

  5. William Yanko says:

    Oh, it works even better now! Thank you so much for your work man! This keeps my 15 inches 2012 retina way cooler too use! Super happy paying for this!

  6. Godzilla says:

    Thank you so much! Love it!

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