Turbo Boost Switcher on macOS Catalina

Hello there!

Just wanted to let you know that Turbo Boost Switcher (free and pro) is working fine with macOS Catalina beta! πŸ™‚

Update 1 October 2019: All keeps fine with public beta 9 (dev beta 10) πŸ™‚

Apple fixed some issues present on previous releases and starting atΒ public beta 5 (developer beta 6) all is working like charm again. In fact, it seems there are a lot of issues fixed in this release… , at least for me :). Crossing fingers nothing breaks again on future beta releases…, will keep this post and FAQs updated if needed.

One last thing…I’ve been holding 2.9.0 release of Turbo Boost Switcher a couple of months to test against Catalina and make changes if needed…, but if everything works well on upcoming Catalina beta releases will publish it sooner than later :).

Stay tuned!



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