TBS – New Version – 2.8.0

Hi there!

There is a new version of Turbo Boost Switcher available! It includes some new features both for free & pro versions, full compatibility with Mojave’s dark mode and more. Hope you like it!

  • FREE & PRO: New translations (Italian and Czech) for both free and pro versions!. Ordered at Gengo using advanced/profesional profile… hope this time the quality is better than older translations.
  • FREE & PRO: Full dark mode support across all the application. Now all windows have been adapted to support both modes, including the charts window so it changes its background color according to the mode being used. Here you’ve got an example.

  • FREE & PRO: New battery indicator, available for both free and pro versions and on machines that uses…, battery of course 🙂 . It displays the battery percentage graphically…. At first, I also added the time left estimation (using IOKit for those who are curious) that Apple decided to remove from MacOS Mojave.., but after some testing realised why they decided to remove it!. Reason? Well… it’s just almost impossible to keep the battery time left estimation up and on sync depending on the kind of activities you perform. You can google around a lot about this and will find some interesting info about this fact like on this post.

  • PRO Only:  I also added a new auto mode based on remaining time estimate. At first, you could configure between 5 min and 4 hours left…, but again, since the estimate is very inaccurate sometimes (I got more than 20 hours left in one of my tests! :D), decided to lower down the upper side of the threshold to 60 minutes as you can see on the following screenshot

  • FREE & PRO: Some translations fixes (thanks for all your feedback!), lowered down minimum refresh time to 4s, some other minor fixes and improvements, etc.

As always, in order to update, just download the new version and install as usual by dragging the .app to Applications folder.

Take a look at the How to update page if you’ve got any doubt.

Thanks for your feedback & support.


2 comments on “TBS – New Version – 2.8.0
  1. Isac says:

    Thanks for a really great app! I bought the PRO after a few weeks of usage, really like it!

    One feature that would be great is to have an auto disable of Turbo Boost when a certain CPU temperature or fan speed is reached. My main use of the app is not to increase battery time (I mostly use my MBP with external power) but to reduce the fan noise.

    Best Regards

    • rugarciap says:

      Hi! Thanks! 🙂 Yes, that will be available in the future.., In fact, I’ve been doing some testing in the past and has not been included yet due to the fact that the cpu / temp values vary so fast that TB can be enabled / disabled too many times in a short period of time.., even if you set a threshold.

      Just need to figure out an usable way of including those features and voila! :).

      Thanks again!

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